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Oooooooh!… Im Tellinnnnnn

Oooooooh!… Im Tellinnnnnn

Enterprize 747:

The truth is different on many levels. 

Enterprize 747:

The truth is different on many levels. 

Pete Petersons bio:

“He helped design some of the craft and other technology they use.  This included advanced computer chips that are far more powerful than anything we have in the commercial world, featuring phoon-based transistors instead of those using electrons.  Pete’s chips have a staggering 144 cores each, running at speeds vastly in excess of any current technology. 

 The chips can be printed on conventional multi-layer silicon wafers at dirt-cheap prices. Since photons have quantum non-locality, they process countless calculations simultaneously.  Eighty -five percent of the components of a typical smart phone could be eliminated with just one chip, and it requires so little power, it can be run off a lemon with wires stuck into it.  This technology was recently demonstrated to officials who were not in the know about these discoveries at the Pentagon. 

 They gave the chip a random, unexpected calculation that their top super computers would take 3 weeks to crack, and left.  Pete’s chip had already solved the puzzle by the time the came back from the bathroom.  These chips are so powerful, they demonstrate what Pete’s insiders call “electronic intelligence”. (source)

In a recent interview on Gaia TV, Pete discusses the first time he saw something that appeared to be extraterrestrial hardware:

That was about when I was about 22, 23.  And what I was asked to do was to say, “This seems to be a control panel. Is it a control panel? If it is a control panel, what does it do in this vehicle that it’s sitting in?”  

Pete believes this happened at either area 51 or area 52, but is unsure as information at these highly classified and secretive levels is only shared on a “need to know” basis:

I come up an elevator and get off the elevator. And this hangar has got in a big circle set out wreckage like you would see if they were investigating a crash of some kind. So I was taken to what was in the center, which they said, “This is very probably the control panel.” And it was set so that obviously a person that had appendages would sit like this [Pete lays his hands and arms out in front of him on the table]. They obviously had three fingers, because there were grooves for these to fit in, things that fit in. Thing that held the hand down. So it was still something that anti-gravity wasn’t perfect for because they were holding it. The anti-gravity craft, you can go upside down and you don’t even know it. So I looked at it, and I said, “Well, okay. ”They said, “So how do we start it?

When asked about the nature of material he was working with, Pete says:

Very lightweight. Unusual reflection, unusual finish, unusual joinments, whether it was rivets, was it welds, was it different sputtering? You know, there are all kinds of ways to hook things together.

He worked as well on projects which concentrated on the infinite potential of consciousness in relation to physical form:

Pete was also involved in a program in which the nervous system was mapped out to meticulous detail. He discovered that we have a dimple in the middle of each shoulder blade where a huge cluster of nerve fibers all intersect before going up to the brain. He said this serves no practical purpose for the body, other than that it feels terrific when the area is massaged. The nerve clusters were thought to be a product of intelligent genetic tinkering with the human body, such as by extraterrestrials. Pete and his insiders feel we were meant to use these areas once we learned how to access them.  Special energetic fields can pump visual information, words, and thoughts directly into the brain through these areas which they call “ports”.  (source)

This system was depicted in the movie, The Matrix, when Trinity downloads the information on how to fly a helicopter as her eyes flutter and Neo downloads information that suddenly allows him to excel at martial arts and fight Morpheus. The main difference in The Matrix is that people “jack in” through the port at the back of their heads rather than shoulder blades. Pete said that if you are given information in this manner, it can cause headaches and disorientation. The data then begins showing up in your mind over the course of the next few days or weeks. At first it seems dreamlike, and it gradually surfaces in your conscious awareness as something you know and understand. We have the potential to vastly increase our intelligence and learn multiple languages through the use of this technology. (source)

Although much of these advanced technologies that Pete helped to construct are still kept within classified programs, with little benefit for the average person, his recent coming forward with this information is a very positive step toward full disclosure.  This technology has the potential to catapult our world and consciousness into a whole new level of being where truth and peace reign.  Rather than spending our most precious moments of life memorizing so-called “facts” in an ineffective educational system, we could instead use that time to come together as a community, to create and build compassionate and peaceful endeavors, to meditate and improve ourselves, and to serve this universe and one another on even greater levels!

However, in order to get to this point in balanced integration, we need to first get a grip on the current technologies amidst us now. And many of them are wreaking havoc and causing unprecedented levels of mental illness. We are being bombarded by technologies we do not understand and it is vital we get more knowledgeable about the potential of artificial intelligence before we empower it even more.

The following video is a scene from The Matrix and demonstrates the same abilities as the technology Pete said that he helped to create.  Not only does it allow extraordinary and accelerated learning, but it also “can be used to project people into vividly realistic virtual-reality environments”. (source) The technology in the following clip already exists and is being actively used in various special access programs.  

„The Matrix clearly shows the workings of the Old World Order. The controllers of the matrix are the Old World Order. Most people who live in the matrix are absolutely oblivious to the truth, that they are slaves. Only a few care and can see through the illusion of the matrix. Mr. Smith and his agents are the Old World Order’s lethal enforcers who will deal with anyone that shows any signs of being divergent. But they don’t need to even intervene that often because everybody is under control and asleep. Even some who have tasted the truth decide that they would prefer to go back to the world of enslavement. When given the choice of the blue or red pill, they choose the blue pill instead of seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes.