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Illuminati – Popular Video Games 1/3

illuminati masonic occult symbolism exposed in Popular Video Games of PS3 PC games ect. . the satanic face of the video games !

Братишкин смотрит: Compilation: Howard The Alien Memes

⚠️Мой инст – ⚠️Мой ВК – ⚫ ⚪ ⚫ 🌐Братишкин Твич – 🌐Братишкин Ютуб – 🌐Братишкин ВК – Youtube Link

Atomship – Aliens

I am the alien.
Sitting on my front porch step.
Whittling without a care.
Sitting in this rocking chair.

I am the alien!

We are the aliens.
Standing here with our hands down.
Whittling without a care.
Sitting by this rocking chair.

We are the aliens!

Sitting and waiting and waiting and watching and watching and waiting cause I am the alien.
Wishing and hoping and hoping and praying and praying and…

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Warlord – Aliens

Warlord original Aliens, from their 1993 Best of Warlord. Youtube Link

Disinformation (Original Song)

I was digging around in the archives and found this demo I did in the mid 90s.

Nasum – Distortion & Disinformation

Here is the fifth track of the Domedagen demo by the the Swedish grindcore band Nasum. The song is called Distortion & Disinformation. The demo was released in 1994. Nasum formed in 1992 as a side project of the short lived Swedish grindcore band Necrony. Their demo is on my channel as well, if you want to check it out. They broke up in 2005 after the unfortunate death of Mieszko Talarczyk, who…

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