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Q Anon: Legitimate source, or deep-state disinformation agent? I’ve come to a conclusion.

Too many talented YouTubers are wasting their time, energy and talent on this wild goose chase of misdirection! So far, in over a month of watching, nothing substantive has really been offered or revealed, and yet an inordinate number of content creators are spending a huge amount of time on the subject.

There are many more dire issues that require our focus and attention! Homelessness, police…

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Flat Earth: Psyop Disinformation Saturation

It’s so very easy to see how Social Media and Cyberspace are saturated this and every other mind-numbing disinformation meme, that drowns out all reality or actual truth – on any topic. Since I’ve been watching it incrementally develop for the last ten years, it’s just unfathomable that media and society in general – haven’t caught on yet.
It’s so very easily traceable as well. It started with the…

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