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I wish we could start a nationwide graffiti project; tag signs and overpasses with things like PIZZAGATE IS REAL and JUST SAY NO TO MOLOCH or whatever else comes to mind. Help me brainstorm. Any takers? Any idears? Lol. We are winning. Now is the time to kick our movement into overdrive. Shame the MSM and sleeping sheeple into acknowledging that “conspiracy theory” is quickly becoming CONSPIRACY FACT as more and more people have begun to wake up and see all the incontrovertible evidence. YouTube and Twitter are becoming overloaded with new channels by people who are waking up. It’s becoming massive. They’re trying to silence us but they can’t silence us all. THE GREAT AWAKENING HAS BEGUN.

Insider Q Anon Updates — November 21st 2017 & /POL/ Q Clearance Anon- Is it happening? Part 7 (Video):

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