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The Strangest of Moons:

No other explanation for the Moon’s existence is presently put forward by science. It used to be thought that the Moon could be a captured asteroid but for all sorts of reasons this is now discounted. The only alternative explanation is the one we put forward: namely that the Moon was artifically created from material deliberately removed from the surface of the infant Earth. This sounds unlikely but will make more sense later when we talk about the very specific ‘size’ of the Moon. Exactly ‘how’ sufficient material was removed from the surface of the Earth to create the Moon is discussed in detail in our book ‘Who Built the Moon’.



Why Do Aliens Visit Our Sun?

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Lightless Dawn by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution…

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The Moon Matrix – THE REPTILIAN’S “NET”


(Moon Matrix) by David Icke , page 1
He describes what he calls the (Moon Matrix), a fake reality broadcast from the Moon which is decoded by the human body/mind in much the …

Accd to David Icke and many, many others the Moon itself is not a heavenly body but a UFO vechile which houses hostile beings who control …

David Icke-The moon…

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The Never-Ending Journey. Episode 2. Ancient Alien Technology.

The Never-Ending Journey Episode 2.
This is a journey that will never end. A journey that will take us through Ufo’s and aliens. Anunnaki, Ancient History, Alien Technology etc etc.

Guests are William White Crow and Billy Carson. Hosted by Thomas Mikey
Todays topic is :
Ancient Technology.
Who build the pyramids.
How was the Nazca lines made and how did they carved of the top of a mountain ?

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China To Launch Moon Simulator In 2020:

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Secrets of the “Reptilian” Eye Revealed: Earth Is The Heart Chakra Think Green NOT Green Screens!

WWW.BROSANCHEZ.COM This video will reveal the real spiritual meaning behind thinking green and why our reality is currently given to us through green screen illusions!

Ancient Aliens- Behind the Scenes Chief Educates Producer of Ancient Aliens Season 3

Ancient Aliens stars Chief Golden Light Eagle and Bear Cloud from Ancient Aliens season 3 have fun with the feild producer behind the scenes while shooting for Ancient Aliens. Youtube Link


Aliens on the moon: Scientists say this may be true

Yes, this may be true as per some scientists. Extra-terrestrial life could have been made possible on our very own Moon due to a meteorite blast.