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PARENTS WAKE UP The Illuminati are trying to destroy your children !!!

Bohemian Grove Video

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What illuminati DON’T want you to find out (R$E)

Discover the REAL Mystery!
What Secret Societies really hide from you..

Music –
Cloud Nine Audio – Illumination
Cash – Serenity (Pt. 2)
Borrtex – Our Home
Kai (Engel) – Wake up

Storm Bible Verses clip – Run2Christ –

Feat. Daniel Carmel, Sea of Galilee Worship Boat –

Also Featuring the voice of Pastor David Wilkerson.


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Illuminati Ritual at Vatican today will SHOCK you! (R$E)

Exclusive – A SHOCKING ritual took place today at the Vatican!
Illuminati NWO Exposed (2016)

Music by 88 Ultra.
Used with permission.

This reminds me of when someone tries to fob you off with a cheap counterfeit and claim it is the real thing! Plastic trinkets.. Come out of her!! Strange atmosphere there today all round..

And once again, gathering around the Obelisk..
At one…

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The Secrets of Reality & Flat Earth

Flat Earth & The Secrets of Reality Kept From You… source

Inside this ”Illuminati Temple” will shock you! (R$E)

Secret illuminati Temple Ritual Exposed!
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Inside Freemason Luciferian HQ in Washington DC by Round SaturnsEye (R$E)

It was a bizarre experience to visit this biggest 33 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Temple in America. Apparently this is the place that Masons from all across the country travel to every two years. This is where…

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reptilian snake moving towards me hd quality cartoon animation with music

reptilian snake moving towards me hd quality cartoon animation with music source