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Brooke Skylar Richardson who smashed babies skull found not guilty of murder.

She was acquitted of murder, manslaughter and child endangerment.

The list of Clinton associates who allegedly died mysteriously.

Breaking: murdered Arkansas former GOP state senator believed she was closing in on child trafficking ring in Arkansas state government: undefined

Anthony Bourdain was exposing the Illuminati

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DNC Chief denies She was at hospital night of Seth Rich murder; Then Metro Police Drop the Hammer on DEM Leader:

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Investigative Journalist Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room Weeks After Reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for Allegedly Raping Boy:

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Intel Operative who Altered Obama’s Passport Records Turned FBI Informant on Boss John Brennan, Then Turned Up Murdered in D.C.:

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Here is Tomi Lahren – what millions of her loyal followers need to see.