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FINANCIAL TYRANNY–>The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith’s 786-page “manifesto,” was published in 1776 — the same year as the founding of the Illuminati.

It was presented to world leaders as “proof” that the gold standard had to be eliminated in order for there to be world peace.

Nearly a century later, Guiseppe Mazzini, the head of European Masonry, and Albert Pike, the head of American Masonry, created a plan for three world wars that were intended to seize total control of the planet.

Their plan was all written down and finalized as of 1871 — and publicly displayed at the British Museum Library for many years.

When we add this to the overall weight of information — some of which we haven’t explored in detail just yet — it leaves little doubt that World Wars I and II were deliberately orchestrated and engineered.

A key objective of these two wars was to confiscate the majority of gold and treasure in the world. This aspect of the plan was not directly written into Mazzini and Pike’s blueprints — as the knowledge was far too sensitive.

Thanks to multiple insiders, we now know that leaders who surrendered their gold and treasure, and/or had it forcibly stolen from their countries, were given bronze boxes filled with Federal Reserve bonds in exchange for their assets.

The value of these bonds is much, much greater than the amount of money in the legitimate world economy. This is part of why the secret has been so jealously guarded.

If the truth were known, and the gold was revealed, it would destroy Financial Tyranny.

LIEN Affidavit Against Banks:

The Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny

Global collateral accounts

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – The Dragon Family- Global colateral accounts- Federal Reserve Bonds:


Lien affidavid against central banks worldwide

The Monaco 57 and a possible 9/11 link One individual who is given mention in the Keenan federal lawsuit is a man named Benjamin Fulford. Fulford is a known entity, as he is the former Asian bureau chief for Forbes magazine (having cross-checked this information, this writer came across the following financial article in Forbes dated 2005 and written by Fulford). Over the course of the past several years Fulford, who speaks fluent Japanese, has released a series of videos over the Internet claiming that he is acting as a spokesperson for a group called The White Dragon Society, which apparently is one of the major ruling families in Asia. Some of his videos feature him in conversation, live on Japanese television, with an older Japanese gentleman.
This man is Chodoin Daikaku, the President of the United World Karate Association, an international association of karate schools that purportedly includes 50 million members. Daikaku was a close personal friend of Michael Jackson. Jackson and Daikaku apparently would meet on occasion to discuss a new vision of peace for the world. Here is a link to an article in The Japan Times. The fact that both Fulford and Daikaku are such known entities may lend credibility to what you are about to read. An interview between Fulford and best-selling author and lecturer/author David Wilcock regarding information that you will read in the coming paragraphs can be found HERE.
One of the very first live video interviews conducted by Fulford was released in late 2007 featuring Fulford interviewing David Rockefeller in Japan. During the course of this interview, Mr. Rockefeller appears to become visibly unsettled when confronted with pointed questions regarding the secret, parallel power structures currently controlling the U.S. government. That interview can be seen HERE. In August of 2011, Fulford and a few other sources claimed that there was a secret meeting of finance ministers and representatives from 57 different nations held on a navy vessel off the coast of the Principality of Monaco, a sovereign city-state located in southeastern France, close to the Italian border.
This meeting is being referred to as the Monaco 57 or the Monaco Colloquium. Apparently, some folks from the old cabal, (specifically mentioned is Jay Rockefeller), tried to force their way into the meeting but were denied access. The outcome of the meeting, being referred to as The Monaco Accords, lays out a plan for a new global financial system backed by the gold stolen as part of Operation Golden Lily and then again by the Allied forces after World War II. The premise of this lies in the Black Eagle GLOBAL COLLATERALACCOUNTS – 40 26 August 2015



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