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Jordan Maxwell 2018 | Ancient Origins, Reptilians, Antarctica & Inner Earth Civilizations

Jordan Maxwell comes onto the show live to discuss some fascinating topics! Talking Points and Tags:

Ancient Aliens, UFOs/Außerirdische, Prä-Astronautik, Mysterien der Menschheit und alles zur Grenzwissenschaft und mehr. Das sind die Themen meines Vlog-Kanal des Unfassbaren bei YouTube, der im Sommer 2012 gestartet ist. Vor einigen Tagen habe ich mit diesen Kanal auf den Spuren des Unerklärlichen 3000 Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten erreicht bzw. inzwischen überschritten. Grund genug für eine…

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Enlil: Ancient Alien, The Biblical God & Anunnaki Connection

John Polk explains who Enlil was and the biblical connection he has with the Anunnaki Gods.



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The Book of Enoch, Fallen Angels, & Ancient Aliens: Dr. Michael Heiser Interview

I recently sat down with Bible scholar Dr. Michael Heiser in his studio to talk fallen angels, aliens, nephilim, and some other fringe-type goodness. As you can imagine, it was a lot of fun.



Mentioned Resources:

Aliens & Demons:

The Unseen Realm: https://…

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Rare interview: A former member of the Illuminati exposes the origins of the society

Today a born again Christian, Doc Marquis, who was raised as a member of the Illuminati, reveals a mind blowing information about the deep roots, traced to early antiquity of the faith and the values that form the basis of the Illuminati secret society.

In this lecture, Doc Marquis reveals a hidden secret between the Illuminati and the ancient giants, the Nephilim, that are mentioned in the Bible…

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Steve Quayle The Link Between Aliens and Fallen Angels

Steve Quayle – The Link Between Aliens and Fallen Angels – January 2015.

What does the bible say about aliens and fallen angels? I may not agree with everything Mr. Quayle says, but, he is one of the most learned men in the field.

8b6k0. Steve Quayle Discusses Planet X The Destroyer and Aliens – January 2015. Description. Steve Quayle – The Link Between Aliens and Fallen Angels .

Are Aliens…

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Aliens are demons. Space ships. Abductions.

These things we’re calling “aliens” are simply fallen angels and their descendants, the nephilim. Abductions, visitations, operations, implants are all just demonic attacks that need to be dealt with spiritually using the weapons we according to the Bible. More on this coming soon.

The Name of Jesus Christ is powerful!! Use it!

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The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity Revisited (Full Version)

The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity Revisited (Full Version)

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

“The recording of voices on audiotapes that have no known physical source. EVP researchers capture the voices of spirit
beings, made possible when the beings interrupt the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF). EVP is the first high-technology
method that allows communication with the dead and other…

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(Another Noah Podcast) Digging for the Truth with Ark and Neo Episode #6


We just could not hold back from jumping on board the Noah’s ark bandwagon. We finally saw the movie and we will review it and explain what we thought. Both of us knew that it probably would not be Biblical but were blown away at the blatant mixture of humanism, gnosticism, with a bid dose of kabbalistic craziness thrown into the mix….although amazingly it was not…

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Columbia The Illuminati Goddess

Original Air-Date May 1, 2005 King Solomon worshiped Asherah, Chemosh, and Moloch creating temples in the high places of Jerusalem for ritual sacrifice.