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Executing babies at birth: New Mexico vs Jesus Christ.

Our world is being torn apart by Satan’s hands. Can you see Satan’s handy work or you blind to what is really happening?

Captain Mark Richards is actually an American hero and so was his father Ellis Lloyd Richards also known as “the Dutchman”.  Mark Richards and his father were involved with top-level military intelligence operations since World War II.  They were part of the team who invaded the alien run Dulce Base notoriously known as a jointly-operated human and alien underground facility that still exists under Archuleta Mesa.  Dulce is a place where humans have been kept underground in cages and experimented on. The real story about Dulce has yet to be exposed in the mainstream media.

Sunspot Observatory update, NDAs, boarded up windows?:

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New Mexico compound mysteriously destroyed by authorities:

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Pictures show building of object shaped like ‘alien UFO’ near Area 51: undefined


Ancient sculptures of ‘aliens and spaceships’ found in Mexican cave: undefined

Watch Free – Zuni Disclosure with Clifford Mahooty:

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Cattle Mutilations – The Government Files:

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