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“„The government and our science know about the event because it has happened like clockwork four other times in our history, and now we have once again come to the end of a twenty-six thousand-year long cycle of experiencing both darkness and light. They have built underground cities. They have been preparing for something that the world does not know is going to happen. The last thirteen thousand years has been darkness. The next thirteen thousand years will be light. But before this shift can occur, humanity will once again endure an event that will change the consciousness of this world.“

Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.“

10 Reasons Aliens Won’t Invade Earth

An exploration into the concept of alien invasion and reasons why aliens would not attempt to invade earth.


Darkest Child by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: http://incompetech.c…

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The Moon Matrix – THE REPTILIAN’S “NET”


(Moon Matrix) by David Icke , page 1
He describes what he calls the (Moon Matrix), a fake reality broadcast from the Moon which is decoded by the human body/mind in much the …

Accd to David Icke and many, many others the Moon itself is not a heavenly body but a UFO vechile which houses hostile beings who control …

David Icke-The moon…

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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens Anunnaki Hybrids from Planet X Nibiru 2012 Mayan Calander Doomsday return of the Nephilim watchers garden of eden Girls talk chat science history Youtube Link

Ancient Aliens, UFOs/Außerirdische, Prä-Astronautik, Mysterien der Menschheit und alles zur Grenzwissenschaft und mehr. Das sind die Themen meines Vlog-Kanal des Unfassbaren bei YouTube, der im Sommer 2012 gestartet ist. Vor einigen Tagen habe ich mit diesen Kanal auf den Spuren des Unerklärlichen 3000 Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten erreicht bzw. inzwischen überschritten. Grund genug für eine…

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Enlil: Ancient Alien, The Biblical God & Anunnaki Connection

John Polk explains who Enlil was and the biblical connection he has with the Anunnaki Gods.



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Steve Quayle The Link Between Aliens and Fallen Angels

Steve Quayle – The Link Between Aliens and Fallen Angels – January 2015.

What does the bible say about aliens and fallen angels? I may not agree with everything Mr. Quayle says, but, he is one of the most learned men in the field.

8b6k0. Steve Quayle Discusses Planet X The Destroyer and Aliens – January 2015. Description. Steve Quayle – The Link Between Aliens and Fallen Angels .

Are Aliens…

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El alucinante plan Genético Illuminati (hombres parirán en un Mundo Feliz)

Los illuminati tienen preparado un increíble plan genético que ya aparece en películas como Gatacca o In Time el Precio del Mañana.

Ancient Aliens Documentary

Our DNA has been manipulated in the past by beings that passed themselves off as gods.. In Sumer, the alien race of gods were known as the Anunnaki.


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best evidence proof reptilian…

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