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Benjamin Fulford – March 12th 2018: Japan’s Puppet Government is Next, as the Dominoes Keep Falling:


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Tsunami Wave in New York City; Future Of America? The Money Shows Their Plans…:

(17 Feb 2018)

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First Hawaii, now Japan mistakenly warns of North Korea missile attack:

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Benjamin Fulford — January 14th 2018: Did The Cabal Attempt To Nuke Hawaii Yesterday?:

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Otto Warmbier – death hoax. In this video you will see some terrible acting by Otto Warmbier – truly terrible acting. The guy who makes the video does talk about gematria – gematria is alphanumeric code that Jewish Freemason Zionists like to use. All the fake events are coded with certain numbers – it can get a bit boring so you can skip past that bit and just watch the bad acting. Look how set up it all is. The North Koreans are in on this hoax – as is Donald Trump. 

I’m not sure how I feel about Robert David Steele….but sometimes his analysis seems right on mark.