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The Illuminati and the One World Government HD

Amir’s teaching on the history of the satanic efforts of religions, cults and the modern powerful elite to rule the world with “the light of Lucifer” as their guide.

Behold Israel now offers Amir’s teachings by digital download. You can purchase and download this teaching here.

The teaching can be purchased from the link below. Both download and DVD options are available. All purchases support…

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David Icke – HOT The Reptilian Takeover Happens Now 6/12/2017!


Angela Merkel Exposed Reptilian at the Gotthard Tunnel’s Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Gotthard Tunnel was one of the most satanic event ever, this explains why all the world leaders were present at this ceremony.

It was like a symbolic kick off for the Luciferian New World Order.

Obviously, a lot of demons/jinns were present at this ceremony, at a such point, that Angel Merkel could not control the demons who work through her.

During an interview, she…

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The Ancient Alien Hypothesis

A worthy site covering related topics My take on the ancient alien hypothesis, from my own understanding of the concept mixed with, of course, some antitheism and basic common sense. Twitter: Facebook: Second video channel on vidme: Youtube Link

Alien (1979) Trailer

Trailer for the 1979 movie Alien Youtube Link

Skull & Bone.

Final Ascent.

Crossing The Frame.

Obey The Cycles.

Eternal Weight.