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I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m a Christian.

Bohemian Grove human hunting parties.

Michelle Obama Reptilian on Display

Michelle Obama at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on C-Span. She is exhibiting the M masonic satanic hand sign, she has green and purple skin, creatures manifested on her arm and hand morphing in and out, and her hand and finger shapes are do not appear on human beings, humans do not shape shift or color shift.

Ariana Grande’s deal with the devil: a Grande deception.

Ariana Grande is one of today’s top pop stars, with literally billions of views of her songs online. She was selected to perform at the 2018 Video Music Awards on MTV, blasphemously performing her song “God is a Woman”. Ariana Grande is just another in a long list of pop stars who is negatively influencing our children and leading them into destructive lifestyles. As Christians, we need to be praying for her salvation and for those whom she is negatively affecting.

Witchcraft in Hollywood.

This video deals with witchcraft in Hollywood and some of the ongoing symbolism promoted and enforced by the celebrities who practice it.

Demonic possession is real says psychiatrist.

Secret origins of “Hollywood” will shock you.



First of all, an aura is a visualization of the energy-based field around everything, living or non-living. Living beings’ auras tend to change over time, where non living auras generally stay fixed. Auras span the whole electromagnetic spectrum, which is why the colors of the rainbow can often be seen. Auras are often stronger around the head or heart areas. 

At first, seeing auras can be extremely difficult. I found it almost impossible for a good few months. My first tip is to unfocus your eyes when you’re looking at a particular thing. Say you’re looking at a person on the train opposite you. Look at a part of their body (so you don’t freak them out with constant eye-contact) and fuzz your eyes slightly, as if you were going cross-eyed. It takes a few tries, but you should start to see a white ring around their body. This is the first success.

After a while, more colors will begin to appear around people. With practice, you can even gather a rough idea of what they are feeling through their aura. If a color appears stronger than the rest, they are feeling an emotion corresponding to that color. However, the colors and correspondences aren’t always the same for everyone. Often, you have to interpret them for yourself. For example, I interpret red as feeling bitter, feeling unrequited love, or being generally unhappy. A yellow aura for me means the person in question is feeling particularly happy today. If I see a blue aura, I see confidence.

For other people, it can be different. My partner sees red as misunderstood, and yellow as calm. This is why auras can be difficult to read. You have to make your own mind up from whatever your energy tells you.

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The video mother goddess wouldn’t want you to see.