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“Child, disrupted” is the latest in a long list of documentary films addressing the adverse effects of technology on children: undefined

America has millions of millennial brats that need to move away from mommy and daddy and start acting like adults: undefined

Children taken by Arizona CPS for 2.5 years return home with horrible accounts of abuse in foster care: undefined

Stealing children from their parents – where the outrage over thousands of American children stolen by the state?: undefined

Rated 5/5 Spooks. Make sure your parents are with you.

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Disney executive arrested, charged with three counts of child sex abuse: undefined

Gordon Bowden on bombs, ‘boiler rooms’ and pedophiles.

Retired ex-RAF officer and mining engineer Gordon Bowden is already well-known on the internet for exposing the scams going on in high-level public and commercial life. Here he begins to bring organised paedophilia into the frame..

The horrible truth about CPS: the tortured lives of Noami and Devani.

Make sure your parents are with you.

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