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We want to transform this planet – we want abundance, a good life for all and the end of poverty – we want fairness and justice – we want to restore the natural world – we want to work less – we want the end of debt slavery – we want more creativity and beauty – we want to spend more time with our families. We want to stop the Zionist New World Order Agenda! Then we must end usury. All countries must end usury. All people need to understand the curse of usury. People have to educate themselves, come together, rise up and demand change.

“Usury concentrates wealth into fewer and fewer hands. And so for a group like the Jews, that is always a small minority, will be interested in strategies that will concentrate wealth. They’ve also had centuries of experience in dealing with it, from small time stuff, to big time stuff. So they would naturally gravitate towards this, they have become experts in using these covert means of taking over the culture. Using finance in a predatory way, that is covert – and so most people don’t see them as being involved” – E Michael Jones – Goy Guide To World History

“The cultures of ancient Greece and Rome likewise denounced usury. Aristotle called it the most unnatural and unjust of all trades. Money, he said, was to be used for exchange, not the breeding of money from money. Plato condemned it on the grounds that it set one class against another and was therefore destructive to the state. In Rome Cicero, Cato and Seneca made similar censures.” –

“Usury is the original sin in the economic sphere and the root cause of all our economic problems. It causes unfathomable suffering. It is so pervasive, so normalized, it seems unavoidable. The truth is we have everything we need to create an interest-free money supply and eradicate usury and associated rent-seeking completely from our economic and social lives. A Usury-Free economy ends poverty and brings abundance to the many. It will save our souls in the process.”

“Usury is the elite Jews most powerful and demonic weapon amongst their whole armament of destructive weapons. More powerful than their poisons and even their mind control techniques. Because it’s their use of compound interest that enables them to create a stranglehold on every industry and therefore every level of society.”

“Capitalism, according to Heinrich Pesch, is state sponsored usury. And it’s the appropriation, the systematic appropriation, of all surplus value – so the first reform would be to eliminate usury, and that would be the alternative. And one of the places that has eliminated usury is the Islamic World, and Islamic Banking has banking without usury – where you can have fees instead of compound interest.”  – E Michael Jones – Goy Guide To World History