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Epstein connections – how deep does this go?

iLLuMiNaTi Signs and Symbols EXPOSED!!!

The following websites are some good sources for more information about signs and symbolism,…

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Adrenochrome – why child ritual sacrifice is used by Hollywood, politicians and elite.

John Bolton, Donald Trump and The Mob

This is an excellent video, packed full of important information – again, by Johnny Gatt:

Of course, John Bolton has been promoted to Trump’s Top National Security Advisor.

John Bolton is a well known Zionist warmonger. He was one of the architects of the Iraq war – he lied about Iraq having ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, he lied about the Iraqi government being connected to Al Qaeda… These wars cost the US taxpayer trillions of dollars and led to thousands of US soldiers dead, hundreds of thousands injured, and at least a million dead Iraqis)

Of course, Israel have expressed how they are very pleased with John Bolton’s appointment.

A list of other things discussed in this video:

Israel and its warmongering, and Israeli war crimes in Lebanon.

Americans sent to war to die for Israel and The Greater Israel Project

Trump was funded by jewish Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson, so that Trump would become president and could then be controlled by the Zionists – and Trump is pushing for regime change in Iran, as that is what Israel and the Zionists want.

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – “Israel is dragging the United States into World War 3.”

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been pushing for war with Iran since 1979.

38 billions dollars in welfare signed over to Israel from US taxpayers money – Israel weren’t happy with that and requested 50 billion!!! For what reason are the US giving them aid?

Donald Trump’s connections to jewish mobsters and other powerful and influential jewish supremacists.

Trump and Jared Kushner financed by New World Order jew George Soros.

Trump owed money to 72 banks – he was bailed out by Rothschilds Inc.

Evidence that the jewish mafia has completed its takeover of the United States

(Much evidence and lots of details in this video.)

This video is about how the Jewish State of Israel controls America. 

It is so conclusive…there is so much evidence and testimony in this video.

It will help people to understand that American foreign policy is dictated by Israel. Americans are fighting Israel’s wars for them.

It will also help people to understand the many billions and billions of  unnecessary ‘aid’ America gives Israel – and have been giving them for a long time.

The video also exposes how you have to sign pledges to Israel to get anywhere in politics in America

It is important for everyone to understand this, if you want to understand why they world is as it is.

Israel’s control of America is also a big reason as to why Israel can continually break international laws and commit war crimes and have no repercussions.

It also explains, to some extent, why Israel also have no weapons inspections carried out in the country, even though they have an enormous arsenal of nuclear weapons, as well as a great many other very destructive weapons.

The video also has some information about Israeli spies, the Israelis attack on the USS liberty and just some of the evidence showing that Israel was behind 9 11 (the five dancing Israelis etc).

Control of America is an absolutely critical part of the jewish global domination plan, their New (jewish) World Order. All this is in the video and much more.

Taking over the United States has been a key part of the Jewish Supremacists quest for their world domination agenda. This control they have of America very badly affects the whole world.

The amount of evidence in this video is phenomenal. It is an excellent video… watch it before it gets censored. Download it. Use it to educate others.

Answer: The Jewish State of Israel, Jewish Supremacists and Zionists control America: