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Jailer Alien – Motu Patlu in Hindi – ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES! – 3D Animation Cartoon

Aliens from Planet X come to earth to hide from their police and duplicate as Motu Patlu. Watch how the Jailer thinks of the real Motu Patlu as the criminals and catch them instead! Will Motu Patlu be able to show the truth to the Jailer? Watch this episode now!! CLICK – SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE.

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Nakli Aliens – Vir: The Robot Boy – Mini Series – 3D Animation cartoon for Kids

There is an alien attack on Fursatganj and they are capturing all the people. Vir sets out to find them by following the space ship only to be trapped by Mad Max. Vir realises that the alien attack was fake and planned to get him captured. How will Vir save himself and the others?? Watch to find out…

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Kisna VS Aliens – Kisna – Kids animation cartoon – As seen on Discovery Kids

Some aliens land on Anand nagri and start roaming around in search of something. Kisna and friends eagerly enter into their ship and talk to them. As Kisna comes know that they want to rule earth Kisna and his friend bravely fight with them destroy them and their ship.


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