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Clues to the Next FALSE FLAG Fake Aliens and Predictive Programming

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Original creator of this video is ZOD 44

Clues to the next false flag attack, fake aliens and predictive programming.


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Zeynep Tufekci – we are building a dystopia just to make people click on ads.

New Orleans stops secret pre-crime police program after media exposure: undefined

Tsunami Wave in New York City; Future Of America? The Money Shows Their Plans…:

(17 Feb 2018)

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What is Predictive Programming? | 100% Proof of Hollywood Brainwashing & Foreknowledge:

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‘Ready Player One’ Movie Pumps Virtual Reality As Mankind’s Ultimate Escape From Dystopia:

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The UFO Documentary You’re Not Supposed To See  (UFO’s disarm nukes or more predictive programming…):

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Nuclear Hoax – Nukes do not exist (youtube)

Human race has ‘peaked’ as scientists warn it’s all downhill from here:

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The Daily Sheeple: 

Agenda 21 A Success? Scientists Say Humanity Has Peaked (youtube)

Huge earthquakes in 2018 will put up to 1bn people at risk – scientists:

Huge Earthquakes In 2018 Will Put Up to 1 Billion People at Risk Warns Scientists (dahboo7)

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