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Strange science reported in Antarctica.

Cellphone radiation again linked to brain and heart tumors: undefined

Corporate retaliation: Monsanto is trying to take down civic group that warned about health risks of glyphosate herbicide: undefined

Monsanto’s cancer cover-up: ‘decades of deceptive tactics to make millions of dollars’: undefined

Why they don’t teach you about the most famous scientists.

Killing us softly – glyphosate herbicide or genocide?

Vegas shooting: Mandalay Bay security guard bolts, FBI wipes witnesses phones, timelines change, and now, eyewitness to multiple shooters found dead in bed

Vegas shooting: it is all about trauma for your mind.

The New World Order has been planned for decades, if not centuries. The recent events of chaos in our weather, combined with terrible acts of violence in public places are both an outcome, and symptom to a larger problem. The world systems are all broken because they are being run by imperfect humans (us). 

And while the elite attempt to escape the limits of this world, Jesus already defied it in His resurrection on our behalf. The trauma imposed upon our generation is deep and scarring. It will bring about a psychologically incoherent upheaval, capable of massive forms of technological deceptions.

Alien deception: this is exactly how they will do it.