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GFK Disinformation

Tabarnak d’osti d’calisse de criss ! Criss de tabarnak! source

Blank Many will play 7″ 1996 Reptilian Records


The Class War Kids – “Disinformation Age”

“Disinformation Age” by the Class War Kids at Distortion in St. John’s, Newfoundland. source

Bikini Kill – Alien She

Bikini Kill- Alien She
Pussy Whipped (1993)
Kill Rock Stars


She is me
I am her
She is me
I am her
Siamese twins connected at the cunt
I want to kill her
But I’m afraid it might kill me
“Dyke” “Whore”
I’m so pretty
She wants me to got to the mall
She wants me
To put the pretty, pretty lipstick on
She wants me to be like her
She wants me…

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Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore The Machine (Edit 1987)

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Emerging from the early 1980s Punk Goth movement, Alien Sex Fiend soon became leaders of the genre, gaining a substantial following both at home and around the world. The band are extremely popular in Germany and the far east and have toured with rock luminary Alice Cooper.

“Edit / Overdose” combines 2 films which feature a mixture of…

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