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Putin’s robo-nauts ‘to be in space by 2019’: Russia says androids could join International Space Station crew as early as next year:

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Benjamin Fulford – July 23rd 2018: Khazarian Mafia Doomed as a Result of Putin/Trump Secret Agreement:


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Majority of Russians Believe Secret Global Government Exists,  Putin & Trump Not Part Of It.:

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Johnstone: Russiagate Is Like 9/11, Except It’s Made Of Pure Narrative:

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Breaking Down The Propaganda and Disinformation About Aleppo

While the world focuses on Kanye West meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump right now, we shift focus and break down the real truth behind the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo. For more real news giving you both sides of the conflict support us on

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Putin Drops Bomb at Helsinki Presser: Says US Intelligence Helped Move $400,000,000 to Hillary Campaign:

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President Putin: Hillary Clinton took $400 Million from Russian Group led by Bill Browder

The Possibility of a Successful Trump-Putin Summit has the Establishment in Hysterics:

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What’s in the Kremlin’s disinformation toolkit?

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How The Disinformation War Was Won

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