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WHO IS PREVENTING YOU FROM BEING FREE!!! Signs Of Our Time🔴 Illuminati? NO NO ONE IS Simon Parkes

WHO IS PREVENTING YOU FROM BEING FREE!!! Signs Of Our Time🔴 Illuminati? NO NO ONE IS Simon Parkes


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Reptilian Aliens and Symbol & Image Communications (my story)

SONG: United aZ ONE — BY HeadHunterZ
Just a few months or about a year before my enlightenment to the reptilians around 2012 , they were taunting me around 2011.
They told me “The faster we move the higher we fly, the more we envy THY” I was like “Zon why are your telling me that? ”
I thought it was my Egyptian (ancient )…

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Reptilian Lady Gaga



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Reptilian Lady Gaga


Reptilians In Sports

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Reptilian (Reptile Nature) Overloads Rules The LGBTQ Community

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David Icke – Reptilian’s Shut Down Humanity

David Icke speaks about our reality being so much bigger then we are currently “decoding”. He explains how 95% + of our universe is “dark” but it is dark because we can’t decode it. The Reptilians were reponsible for coming in a shutting down Humanity’s perception so that it would be possible for them to be hidden from our perception and we would be much…

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Flat Earth Globe Lie Misinformation Psychopaths Shape Shifters Reptilians Reptiles Disinformation

Video Log 21 Psychopaths and the Psychopathic Control Grid – Video Log 21b Thomas Sheridan Arts –

David Icke – Reptilians DOCUMENTARY – Part (2/8)

David Icke – Reptilians DOCUMENTARY – Part (2/8)

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