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REPTILIAN ALIENS | Why reptilians (ETs) are real and I am not crazy!

Reptilian Aliens – Why they reptilians are real and I am no crazy. Of all the conspiracy theories, or ideas out in the world, it seems that the Reptilian shape-shifting alien concept would make the top of the list of crazy conspiracy theories faulting in credibility. But is this alien theory as crazy as it seems?

From Baphomet, to David Icke, and all ancient cultures with dragons in their…

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Reptilian reality! You must know abaut it.

Teeth,eyes,weird swallen things on their You recognize Reptilian demons? source

Shapeshifting Reptilian Drug Dealer Just Try It Once

Reptilian Snakes Commercial Just Try It Once source

Reptilian Shapeshifter Dutch NOS Journaal News Reporter

Reptilian Shapeshifter Dutch NOS Journaal News Reporter. Original Video: source

Reptilian Shapeshifter Lizzy Caplan

Reptilian Shapeshifter Lizzy Caplan. From the movie 3,2,1, Frankie go boom. source

Reptilian Commercials(Compilation)


Woman With Reptilian Eyes on Dr. Phil Show

A women with reptilian eyes appears on the Dr. Phil TV show. In full HD…



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