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Not all reptilian extraterrestrials are dangerous to the human race. One exception is the Draco Reptilian that is part of the Grey/Reptilian faction now threatening a takeover of Earth. “The malevolent Dracos are not pleasant. There may be compassionate beings among them, but there is a large section of them that are thoroughly evil and dangerous. This worrying news is balanced…

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The Devil is Real! Watch the Full Story About The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity – David Icke MRC founder and president Brent Bozell on the June 26, 2014 Kelly File program on Fox News. source

Truth about the Anunnaki – Reptilians – Archons ET Alien Races with Peter Maxwell Slattery

In my previous video, Alien Races and civilizations which have visted earth we examined a number of alien races which have reportedly been to our little blue plant including greys, nordic and the anunnaki. During that video I explained that the anunnaki are a reptilian species and many people in the comments section disagreed with me. So always eager to learn I turned to a respected expert on…

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Reptilian Slit/Archon Eye Anomalies Series Part 1.0

In this video series I will show examples of Reptilian slit/Archon eye anomalies that occur in individuals involved in the occult. “Selling your soul to Satan” can also be translated to “Selling your soul to Sirrius” in which an Alien Grey Archon (Created by Alpha-Draco Reptilians) attaches itself to the persons subconscience. Eye anomalies are a direct result of this incident.


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Stewart Swerdlow | Reptilians, Atlantis, Hybridization, & The Hollow Earth

Is modern humanity the product of the Atlantian’s hybridization program? Do our legends of hell and demons below stem from the Reptilians retreat into the Hollow Earth after the last great cataclysm? Who were the Lumerians?

These are the questions, and more that I had for Stewart Swerdlow, a big name on the conspiracy circuit and a wealth of alternative info that he’s been privy to due to his…

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