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Conversation avec un ex-illuminati – Ronald Bernard & Sacha Stone (VOSTFR)

PDF Transcription (bon français): Source: Playlist Ronald Bernard: Youtube Link

5 Symbols in Eyes Wide Shut – Kubrick Exposes Illuminati!

Greetings YouTube and welcome to … The Rabbit Hole. Today we are digging into Stanley Kubrick’s final film … Eyes Wide Shut. The film is steeped in Illuminati symbolism and the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper with each viewing. This video will contain spoilers and graphic content so consider yourself warned. Follow me down.

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Jacob Rothschild. Anunnaki-Reptilian. Bankster. PINDAR – The Lizard King

Mr. Burns is a reptilian. source


Hello Illuminati. Please take this triangular musical offering as our official application to join The Illuminati… Created for The Slot #theslotau…

The real Eyes Wide Shut.

Eyes Wide Shut was not the movie Kubrick intended audiences to see. The studio cut 24 minutes from the film, and just few days later, the legendary filmmaker was dead. What was in those 24 minutes? And what happens at the real masked parties?

Flaskback: Alex Jones Show – Friday July 6th 2007 – Global Warming debate with David Mayer de Rothschild:

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Free Chris Haskell & the Rothschild’s corrupt police chief of  Tuscon. 

1666 Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati History

Sabbatai Zevi declared himself the Messiah in 1666, proclaiming that redemption was available through acts of sin.

Tucson Update: Additional blue prints found pointing to tunnel systems and more. Over 60+ pairs of children’s shoes found. Things are getting strange. Also Cemex owns a patent for using Blood in Concrete mixtures