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The flat Earth and the Sabbath(?)

What Is the Mark of the Beast Talked About in the Book of Revelation?:

Roman Catholics changed Sunday to Saturday and they say its their mark of authority.

I am now striving in following the Sabbath. The more you read and realize how evil the Vatican is, and that the 144,000 sealed by God are undefiled with the beast church system (church and state) it will all make sense.

ILLUMINATI Bloodlines of DECEPTION 9 RELOADED – Jubilee and Reptilian gods?

Video showing how all the “elites and leaders” of today are really nothing more than the typical dynastic

bloodlines that have always ruled throughout history. In this case though, there is much more to them than

simply a line of kings. Their power and authority to rule literally comes from Satan himself who is

currently the ruler of this planet and it’s systems of government, corrupt laws,…

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