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Satanic Ritual Abuse Is A Stark Reality: Which Results In All The Pedophilia, War, Manipulation & Deception We See Around Us:

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Bourdain Death questioned, Vatican at Bilderberg, Hollywood and rituals.

U.N. aid workers have committed ‘60,000 Rapes’ in the last decade: undefined


Seven circus school members ‘performed sadistic blood and sex rituals on three boys under eight in shocking child abuse ring’: undefined

Growing Up In The Satanic Illuminati: The Story of A Survivor

Beth Eckert shares her life story of being born into an occult family and indoctrinated into the Satanic Illuminati mind control programming. Warning: this video contains graphic descriptions of satanic ritual abuse and other forms of abuse.

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Harvey Weinstein is already cured – it’s a miracle!

TRUMP INSIDER: “CAN CONFIRM’ high profile pedogate arrests coming very soon.

JAMES ALEFANTIS: dialogue between former employee (8yrs ago) and James Alefantis official email supports HEAVILY rumors of his complicity in pizza / pedophile ring restaurant chain.

pedogate/pizzagate citizen researchers uncovering huge leads…

Was the Caylee Anthony case possibly connected to a larger satanic pedogate/pizzagate network?

and was the Haleigh Cummings case just an attempt to keep local police from closing in on the underground CIA finder’s cult network in Orlando associated with Caylee’s murder?

The Casey Anthony case just got a whole lot more interesting…