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10 Reasons Aliens Won’t Invade Earth

An exploration into the concept of alien invasion and reasons why aliens would not attempt to invade earth.


Darkest Child by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: http://incompetech.c…

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‘Cowboys and Aliens’ Trailer HD

For more info on ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ visit: Youtube Link

Alien (1979) (HD Trailer)

Tagline: In space no one can hear you scream… Released: 25 May, 1979. Youtube Link

Matadores de Aliens do Espaço Sideral – O Filme

O filme conta a estória de três amigos que descobrem que a cidade está sendo atacada por Aliens.

Ahead of Alien: Covenant, we untangle the Alien film series so you don’t have to.

The Fast and the Furious Movie Timeline in Chronological Order

Wolverine’s X-Men Movie Timeline in Chronological Order

Alien: Covenant Review (2017)


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PREY | ALIEN PREY | Full Length Sci-Fi Movie | Barry Stokes | English | HD | 720p

Jessica awakens when an alien spacecraft lands nearby. After dispatching a young couple, the alien assumes the identity of the recently dispatched young man.

Ancient Alien Origins

Researchers discover that Aliens from another world assisted in the evolution of man and were the genesis of a very real bloodline that remains intact today.

ALIEN: COVENANT | Trailer 1 | German HD

ALIEN: COVENANT – Ab 18. Mai 2017 nur im Kino!
Trailer: FSK ab 12 Jahren freigegeben
Abonniert uns:

Mit ALIEN: COVENANT, einem neuen Kapitel seines bahnbrechenden Alien Franchises, kehrt Ridley Scott zurück in sein erschaffenes Alien-Universum. Die Crew des Kolonieschiffs „Covenant“ ist unterwegs zu einem abgelegenen Planeten am anderen Ende der Galaxie. Dort entdecken sie…

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Alien: Covenant Review (2017)

Ridley Scott takes the Alien franchise back to its horror roots while finally tackling some Prometheus’ lingering questions. Starring Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender, James Franco, Noomi Rapace, and Guy Pearce.

Alien: Covenant (2017) – Trailer #2

Alien: Covenant (2017) – Red Band Trailer #1


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Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Just a movie or was there more to it?:

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