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Why Alien Life Would be our Doom – The Great Filter

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Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news – or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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Humanity’s strong wish to communicate the extraterrestrial life is as weird as the plans to make a family with a person we’re going to meet on a blind date. No idea how he looks like, but we’ll be best partners ever! Searching for a contact with aliens, we desire to find the answers to some tricky questions. What is Universe? How it…

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40 years ago, NASA sent a message to aliens — here’s what it says

In September 1977, NASA launched Voyager I from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The craft carried a golden record that contained a message to aliens from the people of Earth. Here’s what it said.

You can now own your own version of the golden record by contributing to a Kickstarter campaign by Ozma Records.


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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens Anunnaki Hybrids from Planet X Nibiru 2012 Mayan Calander Doomsday return of the Nephilim watchers garden of eden Girls talk chat science history Youtube Link

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Aliens, Mars & Why an Asteroid Might Flatten Earth [Full Interview]

2013 Re-Release: Everyone’s favorite astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, boggles Larry’s mind with his thoughts on aliens, traveling to Mars, and why an asteroid might flatten Earth. Plus, Neil on the trials of becoming a black scientist & why role models are overrated.


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‘Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos gives a talk at Wonderfest 2012 (1 of 6 Parts.)

History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos gives a talk at Wonderfest, a science fiction/fantasy/horror convention held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Is Phosphorus the Reason We Haven’t Found Aliens Yet?

Extraterrestrial life in the universe might be rarer than scientists thought; here’s why.

NASA’s Crazy Plan to Send a Space Submarine to Titan –

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Paucity of phosphorus hints at precarious path for extraterrestrial life
“Astronomers have just started to pay attention to the cosmic…

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Episode 50 – The Science Wars (Ancient Aliens)

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Phil from The Week in Doubt joins me as we journey into madness that is Ancient Aliens in one of the most frustrating and rage-inducing episodes to date! Buckle in and try to remain calm as we discuss this shit show!

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Aliens are everywhere | Marten Winter | TEDxHHL

We are all surrounded by aliens; animals, plants, fungi & micro-organisms. Species at a certain place not occurring by nature but due to human assistance can be called aliens.