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Michelle Obama Reptilian on Display

Michelle Obama at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on C-Span. She is exhibiting the M masonic satanic hand sign, she has green and purple skin, creatures manifested on her arm and hand morphing in and out, and her hand and finger shapes are do not appear on human beings, humans do not shape shift or color shift.

Reptilian Holographic Technology Failure’s

This video is highlighting anomalies surrounding holographic tech failures. Notice the obvious lines that start forming around the senator’s head, tie and neck.

Something Is Following The Plane…:

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David Icke is a Reptilian claims Gorilla199

David Icke Shape Shifting Demonstration: I believe David Icke is a Reptilian. There is video evidence of David Icke’s eyes changing to slits like a snake and lately new video footage of David Icke’s teeth changing shape

Reptilian With Hole in Head/Demons in Water

News video from Chile source

Reptilian speaks on NWO.

A strange looking homeless man knows more about our true reality than most of the general population… He knows too much, something including him doesn’t sit right with me, very strange. source