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Illuminati Shows People How They Can Pull Other Life Forms Out of Their Head

“When Illuminati shape shifts part of their body, like the head, one will see how they can pull other life forms out of their nose or face, the same way a woman gives birth to a baby, but there is no blood,” says Anonymous Illuminati.

Michelle Obama Reptilian on Display

Michelle Obama at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on C-Span. She is exhibiting the M masonic satanic hand sign, she has green and purple skin, creatures manifested on her arm and hand morphing in and out, and her hand and finger shapes are do not appear on human beings, humans do not shape shift or color shift.


Here is an compilation of excerpts specifically regarding shapeshifting and blood drinking of reptilians in the effort to understand this baffling phenomena.

Reptilian Djinn / Jinn Shapeshifter In Islamic Movie Stones Beautiful Woman

To see more shapeshifts:

WHY HE DID IT: This actor plays the cruel husband of the woman being stoned…he casts the first stones and then displays his vengeful, hateful Reptilian slit. Judgmentalism and homicidal condemnation are always Reptilian traits. C’mon, Reptilians! Take the RED PILL that johnellizz is offering you and choose…

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(KRISTEN STEWART) Reptilian Possessed Demon

IlluminatiFilmTv : SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN (KRISTEN STEWART) Reptilian Possessed Demon source

Reptilian face on one dollar bill !!!

relax..made it 4 fun…but actually it looks like a face, a reptilian face 😉 source

Reptilian fashion.


Reptilians shapeshifters aliens ET UFO conspiracy TV mind control shapeshifting reptilian shape shifter illuminati shapeshifter best evidence proof alien earthquake annunaki draco draconian dragon orion reptoid lucifer 666 planet david icke rockfeller nwo windsor devil cia matrix bilderberg comm 300 CFR MI6 trilateral mk ultra groom lake skull and…

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Reptilian Emma Stone/Demon Manifestations

News video footage of the BAFTA awards in London source

Bill Clinton shape shifting reptilian canadianvandal video

I don’t know how true the whole shape shifting video bit is, but I do entertain myself with them ocassionally.

Demonic Reptilian David Bowie Exposed

David Bowie is a shapeshifting demon. Seek the lord and be untouched by this filth. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour, Seek him, Praise him AMEN source