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Mark Cleminson ex/former illuminati family member defector /freemasonry secret societies

The creator/designer is made evident in the objective order, functionality and design of the universe (atom/cell/DNA/nature) and our consciousness/conscience – it is more irrational to attribute these things to cosmic accident than a conscious Designer…

Dave Chappelle on Secret Societies and Homosexuality

Chappelle speaking on mentioned topics, the abuse of African-American actors in the film and comedy industry on the Oprah show and commenting on the tazer incident at Florida University, very interesting topics. Youtube Link

Who shot the neandherthal man? Kabwe Skull (Ancient Aliens)

More info about the Ancient Aliens theory: and Facebook: The Museum of Natural History in London displays an early Paleolithic skull, dated at 38,000 years old, and excavated in 1921 in modern Zambia.

The Ultimate Agenda:Love Like The Aliens(Nephilim Demons) Nicholson1968

My Name is Cain..Tubal Cain: Lucifer through the Looking Glass: Illuminati BedTime Stories You Never Heard…