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Cloning Center Swamps

Cloning Center Swamps

“The old slaves were killed for reading. The new slaves won’t research to stay alive.”

The Reptilian Empire – Lucifer the Reptilian Princess – Reptilian Aliens Exposed

Learn the truth about the Reptilian Empire, a species of reptilian aliens that are enslaving and eating human beings. Hear the true story of the Reptilian Princess Lucifer and how she went against her Father the Emperor of the Reptilian Empire in order to try to protect human beings. Thanks for watching, subscribing, and sharing.

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Intel Agencies Release Soft Disclosure Of Aliens

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Just watch.


Q: Think Children. Think Slaves.:

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There are numerous videos out there exposing who really dominated the African slave trade… you may, or may not be, surprised as to who it was… a clue: it wasn’t the white race.

Johnny Gat has just re-uploaded this onto his Youtube channel, as Youtube took his original down… such a lot of censorship now… well there is if you expose you know who.

This video features Professor Griff (Public Enemy), Louis Farrakhan, Dr Tony Martin (professor of African History) and Malcolm X.

This is a must watch video.

And click on this website link below and read through Dontell Jackson’s website / blog, if you want even more proof as to who was really behind the African slave trade:

(for some reason, you have to click on the link and open the blog, and then after that you click on the avatar to get the website to come up. It’s worth it – lots of excellent info on it)