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Britain’s Orwellian thought police.

Facebook said it wasn’t listening to your conversations. It was.: undefined

Secret history of the Order of the Illuminati.

How YouTube Censors Flat Earth Videos:

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Father of World Wide Web Launches Radical Startup to Take Back the Internet from Google & Facebook:

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The digital dark age is here: undefined

“Child, disrupted” is the latest in a long list of documentary films addressing the adverse effects of technology on children: undefined

‘Ridiculous propaganda’: Users slam NATO’s online fake news game:

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Disinformation: Americans need to decipher fact from fiction. 30 Mar 2017

Clint Watts, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute Program on National Security.
James Lankford, U.S. Senator for Oklahoma.
Disinformation: A Primer in Russian Active Measures & Influence Campaigns
U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: Mar.30.2017
Also: https://…

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Twitter Caught Censoring Conservative Journalists With Site-Wide Shadowbans:

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