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Xenomusic – Jerry Goldsmith’s Alien

A long dive into Jerry Goldsmith’s brilliant score for Alien – how it came about, why it works so well, and why you’ve never heard most of it…

Alien is copyright © 20th Century Fox

Music transcribed and isolated by Chris Geddes

Voice of Jerry Goldsmith by Scott Carroll


The Alien…

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AV Festival Newcastle – Strange Attractor + Disinformation

Strange Attractor and Disinformation performed “Circuit Blasting” and “National Grid” for the AV Festival, at the invitation of The Centre for Life, Newcastle, 5 March 2008. Video shot by Poulomi Desai, special thanks to Ian Simmons. This video features a brief extract from the “Circuit Blasting” show (filmed in darkness). The “National Grid” footage can be seen here…


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Music Orbit Ensemble + Disinformation “Film/ Music/ Other”

Extracts from “Film/ Music/ Other” – Disinformation and the Music Orbit Ensemble at The Chelsea Theatre, London, 14 Oct 2010.

Brief documtentaton of untitled sound works by the sound art project Disinformation, exhibited in London’s most beautiful art space – Sydenham Hill Woods, 25-27 August 2007. Poor quality audio – headphones highly recommended. The “Upstaging Nature” event was curated and organised by John Deller and Helen Morse-Palmer for Lookout Post, in association with the London Wildlife Trust. Special thanks…

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Soundwaves That Can Shatter Walls | Ancient Aliens

Could sound waves have shattered the ancient walls of Jericho? One theory suggests that it may have been a sonic weapon that led to their collapse, with ancient people using ram horns to amplify sound, combined with extra terrestrial technology.

About Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens explores the tantalising mystery of whether aliens travelling in UFOs may have been visiting our planet for millions…

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Real Aliens Caught On Camera

This is a collage of photographs from myself and Nasa as well as the simple internet 009 sound system music you can get their music from audio-swap or buy it from iTunes Youtube Link

What have mind-controlled artists like Nicki Minaj, predictive programming in music videos, dumbed-down lyrics, and the systematic degeneration of artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West got in common? They all get covered in this candid, no-limits discussion as Mark Devlin chats to fellow UK DJ Storm, aka Stormski, alongside MC Double L, two guys who very much know what time it is.

The music…