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New Message From The Pleiadians 2018

New Message From The Pleiadians 2018 ——————————————————————————- I search and study the most exotic alien species, using various sources and my personal knowledge.





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Anusani Aliens – The Cat Races from planet Telaris in the Vega star system

Anusani aliens – The cat races from planet Telaris in the Vega star system ——————————————————————————- I search and study the most exotic alien species, using various sources and my personal knowledge.


(An article by Digger for Truth)

If it’s not the Jews (International Jewry) who are the instigators of this NWO (New World Order). Could you please explain to us ….

1/. ……why JEWS make up two tenths of one percent of the population, yet represent a whopping seventy percent plus, of high positions in global government?

2/. ……why it is not the four leaf clover, nor the Australian kangaroo, nor the Islamic crescent in the centre of £20 & £50 note and the dollar bill – it’s the JEWISH star of David?

3/. ……why is it that the ONLY area in history one is not allowed to question, in sixteen countries without facing incarceration, happens to be JEWISH history?

4/. ……why is it that the JEWISH Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are the exact blueprint manifesto for this NWO (New World Order)?

5/. ……why is it that out of ALL the multitude of holocausts throughout history – it seems to be only the JEWISH holocaust which is constantly shoved in our faces (which has been shown to have not actually happened)?

6/. ……why the complete members of the American congress gave an unprecedented 29 standing ovations to the JEWISH president? (To Benjamin Netanyahu)

7/. …..why is it that one is allowed to defame the Muslims, black people, white people, gypsies, antipodeans, red necks, Mexicans; in fact any group of peoples on the planet; as well as aliens – yet JEWISH people are somehow the untouchables?

8/. …….why is it that the JEWISH state of Israel is the only country in the world to be exempt from international nuclear weapons inspections?

9/. ……how is it that the JEWISH cabalistic symbology is in both Freemasonry and the police uniforms?

10/. ……why out of all the world’s religious texts, it is only JEWISH scriptures which are replete with evil, satanic laws; promoting pedophilia, genocide, rape, theft, deception and anti-non-Jewish practices – which is in exact alignment with this NWO? [ e.g – The Talmud – The Torah – The Zohar ]

11/. ……why is it that when you google ‘the most hated country in the world’ – it comes up with the JEWISH state of Israel?

12/. ……why was it JEWISH Mossad agents who were jumping up and down with joy in New York dressed as Arabs (just after the planes hit on 9 11)? Why did they then go on JEWISH national TV boasting that they were there to ‘record’ the event? (how did they know 9 11 was about to happen?)

13/. ……why JEWS openly boast about running Hollywood and the media, and academia, and global finances, and the military, and the mining industries, and major corporations; in their own manuscripts?

14/. ……why oh why it is only JEWS who have been booted out of 84 countries 109 times throughout history? 

Or are these mere coincidences?

By Digger

This is (was) supposed to be a short post… but I am not very good at short posts…I was just going to write an update, to connect with those that follow this blog… but I can feel some heartfelt expression coming on… well, on whatever comes to mind …

(The title tells you what it ended up being about… this got a little long, lots in here though… I jump around a little bit… I put a few headings in to break it up a bit and give some cohesion…)

Anyway, I have not shared much on here on about spirituality recently… (it is important to note that the vast majority of spiritual literature is deceptive and aims to pacify you). I do intend to share some posts about how to evolve as a soul…. but it’s not my main focus now, possibly because i have done a tremendous amount of work on myself, over many years and feel evolved. I can say this objectively – I can stand back and see clearly I am very different to those around me… I am sure some others who read this know what I mean: I am not run by the programs others are run by… I don’t need validation from others – I don’t do anything to try and impress others… and I don’t need material things to make me feel good… and I am strong minded enough to face the deep dark issues on this planet… and I don’t need this constant escapism or self-gratification most people search for. I quite literally just have the goal of working for the greater benefit of the people on this planet. I spend nearly all my free time researching, writing articles and sharing information with people in various places. To sacrifice yourself and work for the greater good is one of the greatest things I can think of.

Spiritually – Waking Up – Celebrities etc

You see, I know the depths of the global conspiracy / new world order agenda, and I know what’s in store for people if they don’t do wake up and do something. I also have a beautiful niece and young nephews who have a lot longer to live on this planet, and they are an additional source of motivation for me. Right now, what is the best thing I can do? – It is to impart the knowledge I have about the root causes of our problems, try to wake people up with information, and help people let go of their programming and brainwashing. The problems the ‘elite’ supremacist orthodox jews and zionists cause and their tactics and agendas – there are various ways I can expose their goals and tactics. I can help people wake up very quickly, helping them bypass a great many gatekeepers and controlled disinfo agents.

And I am not the slightest bit impressed by people on TV like most people are, not one bit: celebrities and sport stars etc, they are just a part of the satanic slave system… (I used to play a lot of sport, but I have almost zero interest in watching it anymore, its a distraction and extremely corrupt)… most of these celebs and sports stars don’t realize it, but they are essentially like performing monkeys, performing for the orchestrators of this tyranny we find ourselves in, helping to distract, or to corrupt the minds of the masses… particularly the celebrities – selling out, selling their souls to you know who. And all these ‘Reality TV’ shows – they are getting the goyim to jump through hoops and humiliate themselves…they are ridiculing the goyim. And don’t get me started on royal families – totally obscene and insane to have royal families… I feel like a stranger in a very strange land…

I’m impressed by these great thinkers and truth tellers –  who can see into the truth of things, who can think critically and see through the lies… and those that then, when the find hard Truths, share it with great courage and self sacrifice . Or by these leaders throughout History who risked their lives to try and look after their people… who ended up losing their lives because they did so. And I am also impressed by kindness, acts of pure kindness… selfless acts spread, they are infectious. Though human kindness can often be used against us, to further enslave us, if we are not careful… so you need to be wise and informed as well, and be accommodating and kind to the right people.

And also, when you are sharing Truth ranting aggressively and throwing insults around it doesn’t really help, it usually turns people off… but when you are balanced, and in control of yourself, when sharing Truth you are more likely to have an impact on someone. Especially when you can calmly demonstrate the depth of your knowledge.

One of the consequences of letting go of all these psychological and emotional programs we are bombarded with from birth – self hate etc etc – is this tremendous feeling of love that I cannot truly explain to you – it feels very powerful – it comes through in waves when I observe certain things or think on certain things… I love very deeply – but this love I feel really motivates me to help others wake up.

But caution here: One of the New Age disinfo programs is that you can sit on your backside and save the planet just with loving thoughts – which is absolute nonsense!  

You have to use your Free Will. Your Will for change has to be so strong – your Will for change must be stronger than those whose Will is to enslave us. And we must demonstrate this with determination and action and total dedication to free yourself and those you love.

Most still don’t even know they are enslaved though! If you don’t know this, then follow this blog, I have some posts coming up that will show you that you are enslaved. And if I had to go to war to fight this tyranny, to fight those that enslave us, then I would not hesitate – to die fighting for goodness and truth is one of the best ways you can go.

Sometimes I contemplate why it is that some people can see through all the lies and others cant. I mean there are so-called ‘intelligent’ people who are actually totally naive brainwashed repeaters. But there are, of course, different types of intelligence… And memorising is not really ‘intelligence’, it’s just having a good memory. It is critical thinking and lateral thinking – and being able to correlate and see connections that is much more important.  Emotional intelligence and intuition can also be important… I get these horrible feelings about certain alternative media personalities, and then when i carefully analyse their information they turn out to be zionist disinfo agents… this is intuition is a soul level thing, i believe. But notice, the crucial thing is analysis, correlation and comparison of information. Intuition can just give some people a bit of a helping hand from time to time.

There are also people who meditate a lot who are still totally brainwashed. A strong Will – a powerful Will to never stop until you uncover the Truth, and an understanding of how the enemy works is also vitally important. Anyway, I do believe there is something within people at soul level that helps them see through the lies. Some people can feel it in every cell of their body that humanity is covertly under attack… and we are under attack. They can feel, even when young, that there is something not right about this place.

As mentioned previously, the vast majority of spiritual material is just there to pacify you. Some advice for you right now:  Eat very healthy (loads of vitamins, minerals, superfoods, herbs etc), drink pure water (reverse osmosis or distilled), do lots of detoxing, and take some time to do a bit of meditation each day to check in with yourself and your emotions etc (i.e if you are playing out some of your programming) – and spend some of your time by yourself in nature away from all the Wifi / EMF interference. And then research and then research some more! I do think spirituality and evolving as a soul is still an important part of saving this planet, as it increases people’s motivation and courage, and enables them to see more deeply into the Truth of what is occurring here on the planet. But research, knowledge and Action is crucial!

I would write some more, as I did on here quite some time ago, about my other dimensional other-worldly experiences and the third-eye stuff I experienced… I had a period in my life where I was seeing lots of paradigm shifting things… but you see all this acts as a distraction for people – it’s not that important with regards to transforming this planet and stopping the New (jewish) World Order agenda. It all distracted me for a while, to be honest. But I may write about it again at some point, if I feel it will be beneficial to an article.

Mainstream spiritual people are agents, pretty much all of them are controlled and putting out distracting and misleading information. For example someone like Eckhart Tolle – this guy is not ‘enlightened’.  He even appears on Oprah Winfrey… Oprah Winfrey!!! Oprah Winfrey is not your side, she is a zionist puppet. What does Eckhart Tolle say: ‘the power of now’ –  these ‘elites’ want you to just live ‘in the now’ – they are essentially suggesting: ‘don’t look ahead, dont think critically and look into the future, don’t ascertain and see what is going to happen to us in the future if things carry on as they are’ – i.e what is in store for humanity – yeah, right – just ‘live in the now’… give me a break. This man is not enlightened… enlightenment is knowledge and it is not what he is talking about… – he is a controlled agent… Never underestimate how deep this all goes. They deceive and manipulate people on so many levels – I could talk about many of this so called ‘spiritual’ teachers and lay bare their deceptive ‘teachings’.

New Posts –  Hitler & WW2 Truth – Truth telling – Non Human Souls

Hitler and WW2 Truth

I am preparing some new posts, I particularly have some good ones in the pipeline on Hitler and WW2 Truth… Hitler & WW2 Truth is such an important aspect of the global conspiracy to understand, a huge part of the jigsaw puzzle. Things really begin to fit into place when you know WW2 Truth and have broken free of your programming and brainwashing on this subject.  The more I read, and the deeper my understanding of this subject, the more my sense of injustice deepens… most things that we have been taught at school, college or university – in our so called ‘history’ lessons are lies and many things are inverted twisted and upside down – or just completely left out.

If you do not know your True history then you keep repeating the mistakes of the past.

I have been reading the book The Myth German Villainy by Benton L Bradberry. It is an easy read  – it flows nicely and sets things out really well. There are of course many good revisionist books… I personally recommend The Myth of German Villainy – everyone should read it… it is easy to get hold of and it is not expensive….  you see, you also need to understand WW1 to understand WW2 and this book will help you do that…

The Germans were actually the victims in WW1 and WW2… war was brought against them – as hard as that is for the brainwashed masses to believe…. The masses are still mesmerized by jewish owned Hollywood’s propaganda movies – absorbing the jewish propaganda movies they churn out as if they are fact and truth. I will show you that it was really Germany that was the victim in future posts.

It breaks my heart, and I don’t say that phrase lightly… it is so heartbreaking when you find out the Truth of WW2 and what the Germans went through – Such as the Dresden Firebombings and the Rhine Meadows Death Camps – and the Soviet war crimes against them… If you haven’t seen the documentary Hellstorm then you have to watch it… (the full documentary is on Bitchute) I spent much of that documentary with tears streaming down my face… what the Germans went through at the end of the wars was truly horrific – they don’t teach us this in our schools, as again, our education is jewish run.

I am sure some of the people reading this can empathise with his… it can be hard being a Truth teller, someone who is very woke – and you can see that everyone is enslaved and deceived, and they don’t know it… you want to wake them up, red pill them… but so many don’t want it, they don’t want to listen to what is instore for them….you do your best to help the world… and you get no thanks…often you get: ‘just leave me be, i have to go shopping, i have to watch this movie, play this video game’… while the world is going to shit!

Off World Force

These supremacist ‘elite’ orthodox jews and Zionists are hell bent on totally enslaving humanity and establishing their New (jewish) World Order… and to run it from Israel and Jerusalem. There is a non-human force behind them – there must be, whether it’s reptilian humanoids or not is not that important…  all the speculation around that just serves as a huge distraction…. but there does very much seem to be a non-human force behind them – but right now who cares exactly who it is. We can only deal with what we can see here. And judaism, zionism and the ‘elite’ orthodox jews are the problem on this planet – their satanic doctrines of hate: the Talmud, the Zohar, the Protocols of the Learned Elders Zion ( you must understand what the terrible things these doctrines say)

One reason as to why there is clearly an off-world force behind these elite supremacist jews – is because they clearly  know the technology that is needed to be introduced to create an advanced slave planet – and in what order this technology is needed so that the general population do not realise what is occurring –  they are clearly adhering to some sort of basic plan or blueprint that’s been laid it – it is clear to me. This is clearly not the first planet they would have done this to.

The force behind these ‘elite’ supremacist zionist jews is well versed in how to manipulate plantery populations and how to incrementally and gradually enslave them. 

It is certainly not a coincidence that Israel has the most advanced high-technology and the most advanced high-tech weaponry in the world (all funded by the United States taxpayers… research how much money the U.S gives Israel in so-called ‘aid’). And these ‘elite’ supremacist jewish souls that create these scriptures / doctrines and adhere to the hate within them (the scriptures I mentioned above) will most likely not be human souls – it looks like  non-humans souls are incarnating into these ‘elite’ orthodox jewish bloodlines, as they are anti-nature and anti-human.

But again, Ufology is totally a jewish zionist controlled distraction, full of disinfo, shills and sayanim agents… so I certainly do not encourage people to get distracted by it.

Anyway, I hope some of this inspires people to become more proactive… to seek Truth more passionately, to share Truth more courageously. And there are many ways you can do this. I don’t just share Truth on here…

I don’t post on here everyday, maybe a few posts a week, sometimes more, but what I do post is well researched, important for people to understand… and I will be able to fully back it up in the comments section. I have some good stuff coming… red pilling information and some that should deepen your knowledge.

And if you are worried about losing followers by sharing hard Truths etc… why not set up a second blog – a Truth seeker blog – so you can share the red pilling Truths?

As I said earlier – I don’t seem to be able to write short posts…


The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976 – The Hidden Tyranny

The Hidden Tyranny offers clear insights into the minds of the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists, the problems they are causing and their world domination agendas and tactics.

(This information in this article is important… if you care at all about your family, friends, community etc, then you need to understand what these Jewish supremacists are saying, and you need to understand what The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are about… you don’t know what they have planned for you and your family – for humanity… more specifically non-jews. We all need to understand the mindsets of our oppressors)

Hidden Tyranny Transcript Introduction:

“This booklet [interview] contains the text of a most revealing and shocking interview of a Jew by the name of Harold Rosenthal, which was conducted in 1976, by a concerned patriot, a Walter White, Jr….  Mr. Rosenthal, an influential Jew learned in the Jewish ways and involved in the workings of government in Washington, D.C., explained the Jewish involvement and cause of the major problems we face today.”

Full Transcript /Interview Link:

Above is a link to the full transcript of the full Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview. He is a Jewish ‘whistleblower’ – but he wasn’t doing it for the benefit of oppressed humanity, but because he was arrogant and was paid. All evidence suggests that his death, not long after this interview, was an assassination. He let too much truth out of the bag.

It really is an insight into the minds of these Jewish Supremacists and Zionists that are running much of the worlds governments and working towards world domination… and causing pretty much all of the world’s problems. It is a must read for everyone. These are the same attitudes that those who wrote The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have. 

(Rosenthal specifically refers to America on occasions, but what he is taking about is being done to most countries around the world, covertly by these jewish supremacists)

In the Hidden Tyranny transcript you can see that Mr Rosenthal is so arrogant… He says this in his interview: 

Too many Jews do not have the guts to tell you how we live and plan, but I am not intimidated by anyone or anything. I know where I’m going.

Is Mr Rosenthal the first Jewish supremacist to talk openly about their agendas and how they manipulate and control countries around the world? No, he is most certainly not. Here is a little photo compilation, I could provide you with at least 50 more quotes. In reality, it is not a ‘new world order agenda’ but a ‘jew world order agenda’, those who are well informed know this:


As mentioned – we also have the document ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, which correlates and corroborates with everything Mr Rosenthal is saying, and with what all that these other Jewish supremacists are saying. There is a link at the end of the article to the full book – so that you can read The Protocols of the Learned Elders Of Zion for free online.

Below are some extracts from the Mr Rosenthal interview. All of what he says is very important to take note of, but the last few extracts seem of particular importance if we want to stop the One World (jewish) Government agenda. As I have been saying in my other articles on this blog – the Jews / Zionists control most of the alternative media – as well as the spiritual movements – and one of their aims is to pacify people, they work very hard at pacifying the ‘Goyim’ (non-jews).

I would read the whole transcript through… the link is also provided again after these extracts –  all the following quotations are from Howard Wallace Rosenthal Hidden Tyranny Interview:

Controlling Countries

“It is a marvel that the american people do not rise up and drive every JEW out of this country.”

“We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eye’s fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse.”

“It is an established rule to destroy all members of pre-existing government, their families and relatives, but never Jews. They destroy all members of the police, state police, army officers and their families but never Jews. You see, we know when a government begins to search for the Communists within its borders they are really attempting to uncover Jews in their area. We’er not fooled! The invisible rulers in the Communist countries have a world control over the propaganda and the governments in free countries.”

We control every media of expression including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Even your music! We censor the songs released for publication long before they reach the publishers. Before long we will have complete control of your thinking.”

“…few have the guts to speak out. We would all have better understanding between each other – jews and gentiles (non-jews) – if we spoke out more openly. Your people don’t have guts. We establish your thinking – we even place within you a ‘guilt complex’ making you afraid to criticize Jewry openly.“


"Since we do not believe in a life after death, all our efforts are directed to the ‘now.’ We are not as foolish as you and will never adopt an ideology that is rooted in self-sacrifice. Whereas you will live and die for the benefit of the community, we will live and die only for our own individual self. The idea of self-sacrifice is abhorred by Jews. It is abhorrent to me. No cause is worth dying lot since death is the end. The only time we unite is to preserve our individual selves. As a group of wolves unite to attack a prey, but then disperse after each is filled, so we Jews unite when peril is pending, not to preserve our community but to save our own skin.”

"This attitude permeates our entire being and philosophy. We are not the creators for to create would only benefit another. We are the ‘acquirers’ and are interested only in satisfying the ‘self.’ To understand our philosophy understand the term ‘to get.’ We never give but only take. We never labor but enjoy the fruits of others’ labor. We do not create but confiscate. We are not the producers but the parasites. We can physically live within any society, but always remain spiritually apart. To work would be to produce and the highest form of that labor would be to create. Your race has always worked for the satisfaction of what it produces. We would never work for anyone’s benefit, only for what we can get. We have used this Aryan attitude to achieve our greatest prosperity. You will work for the enjoyment you derive out of producing, while never being concerned about the pay. We take your productivity for a paltry fee and turn it into fortunes.”


"At a very early date, urged on by the desire to make our way in the world, Jews began to look for a means whereby we might distract all attention from the racial aspect. What could be more effective, and at the same time more above suspicion, than to borrow and utilize the idea of a religious community? We’ve been forced to borrow this idea from the Aryans. We jews never possessed any religious institution which developed out of our own consciousness, for we lack any kind of idealism. This means that a belief in life beyond this terrestrial existence is foreign to us. As a matter of fact, the Talmud does not lay down principles with which to prepare the individual for a life to come, but furnishes only rules for a sumptuous life in this world. It is a collection of instructions for maintaining the Jewish race and regulating: intercourses between us and the goy (non-jew). Our teachings; are not concerned with moral problems, but rather with how to ‘get.‘”

"On the first and fundamental lie, the purpose of which is to make people believe that we are not a nation but a religion, other lies are subsequently based. Our greatest fear is that this falsehood will be discovered, for we will be stamped out the moment the general public comes into possession of the truth and acts upon it.”

"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.”

“We can live among other nations and states only as long as we succeed in persuading them that the Jews are not a distinct people, but are the representatives of a religious faith who, therefore, constitute a ‘religious community,’ though this be of a peculiar character. As a matter of fact, this is the greatest of our falsehoods.” (Judaism is a tribal cult)

The Money Power

"Our power has been created through the manipulation of the national monetary system. We authored the quotation. ‘Money is power.’ As revealed in our master plan, it was essential for us to establish a private national bank. The Federal Reserve system fitted our plan nicely since it is owned by us, but the name implies that it is a government institution. From the very outset, our purpose was to confiscate all the gold and silver, replacing them with worthless non-redeemable paper notes. This we have done!”

“At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies.”

World Domination – Israel (A Jew World Order Agenda)

Money is more important than morality. We can accomplish anything with money. Our people are proving that in Israel, where its strength against attack is its permanent state of war readiness. Israel can now win in any encounter. The kibbutz-raised intellectual elements are going to build that small country into a mid-east wonderland. It will also eventually be the base for World Government Headquarters.”

“The blood of the masses will flow as we wait for our day of world victory.”

(I could provide you with at least 50 more quotations and a great many articles to show you that this Jewish World Domination agenda is very real and in full swing. You have no idea how much they are in control, as Mr Rosenthal states in this interview: they change their names… so many famous people /celebrities and politicians / leaders are jewish, and you have no idea. The jewish supremacists really do want to enslave and rule over all the non-jews… as crazy as that can sound to some people who are new to this information.)


[Two interesting paragraphs from his interview, to finish with – some things to carefully consider:]

“The American people have been easily ruled through our propaganda that the pen is mightier than the sword. We virtually get away with murder, and all the goy (non-jews) do is to talk about it, which is ineffective since we, the masters of propaganda, always publish a contradicting account. If the Aryan would review history and apply those lessons of the past, then the pen will be thrown down in disgust and the sword wielded in the heat of passion. (A recurrence to history would edify our minds and show us that the European countries solved their Jewish problem only by use of force.) Thus far, we have escaped the sword, when the only reprisal is some periodical of no repute, or some pamphlet with limited circulation. Their pen is no match for ours, but our constant fear is that they may open their eyes and learn that no change was ever brought about with a pen. History has been written in blood, not with ink. No letter, editorial or book has ever rallied the people or stopped tyranny. We understand this principle and are continually propagandizing the people to write letters to the President, to Congress and to their local media. We are safe to continually exploit, intimidate and disenfranchise the white American as long as they are preoccupied with the illusion of educating the masses through printed material. Woe be unto us if they ever see the futility of it, lay down the pen and employ the sword… 

“History confirms the fact that the passions of an aroused minority, no matter how small a group, have exerted enough power to topple the greatest empire. The movements that control destiny are not those that rest on the inactive majority; but on the sheer force of an active minority… … Again, we are safe as long as our Will is stronger, or the Will of the people is misdirected, scattered and without leadership. We will never be deposed with words, only force!”


That was some excerpts from the full interview transcript. Hopefully they provided some very useful insights.

“And we in the real Truth movement are aware that we are not up against a NWO, or the Illuminati, but a Jew World Order. With International Jewry pulling all the strings.”

Harold Wallace Rosenthal Full Hidden Tyranny Interview Transcript Link:


Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion full free online document link:

This document that was found and then published, that was written by jews, tells you exactly why the world is as it is, and corroborates with everything said by Mr Rosenthal in his interview – these protocols lay out the vast majority of these jewish supremacists tactics for their world domination goals and the enslavement of gentiles (non-jews). I have provided the link above – you can educate yourself – and find out why the world is as it is. Find out who is behind the troubles in this world… these Protocols are in full swing.

Full content of the Protocols – The chapters:

Who are the Elders?
Protocol I The Basic Doctrine
Protocol II Economic Wars
Protocol III Methods of Conquest
Protocol IV Materialism Replaces Religion
Protocol V Despotism and Modern Progress
Protocol VI Take-Over Technique
Protocol VII World-Wide Wars
Protocol VIII Provisional Government
Protocol IX Re-education
Protocol X Preparing for Power
Protocol XI The Totalitarian State
Protocol XII Control of the Press
Protocol XIII Distractions
Protocol XIV Assault on Religion
Protocol XV Ruthless Suppression
Protocol XVI Brainwashing
Protocol XVII Abuse of Authority
Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents
Protocol XIX Rulers and People
Protocol XX Financial Programme
Protocol XXI Loans and Credit
Protocol XXII Power of Gold
Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience
Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler



You hear people say – “I am a very ‘spiritual’ person”. 

Maybe what they mean is that they think they are an ‘Evolved Soul’.

But in my experience most people who say ‘I am a spiritual person’ are not Evolved Souls.

Does it mean you are ‘spiritual’ or an ‘evolved soul’ if have an interest in the meaning of life?
Does it mean you are ‘spiritual’ or an ‘evolved soul’ if you are interested in what happens after the body dies?
Does it mean your are a ‘spiritual’ person or an ‘evolved soul’ if you share quotes on ‘spirituality’?
Does it mean you are a ‘spiritual’ person or an ‘evolved soul’ if you have read some spiritual books?
Does it mean your are ‘spiritual’ person or an ‘evolved soul’ just because you meditate?

No. it doesn’t.

As being an Evolved Soul is demonstrated in your actions in everyday life – your interactions with others and your responses to challenges… your courage, integrity, honesty, determination, wisdom, knowledge, intentions to uplift and empower people… your intentions to work for the greater good, sacrifice for others when needed, assisting others when possible… and to respect the laws of nature and to live in harmony and balance with it… and to protect life, protect innocence and goodness… to seek truth and justice… etc

Being an Evolved Soul also means having the courage to look at all the darkness, all the dark acts occurring this planet, and the crimes against humanity – to assimilate this knowledge and being able to handle it… Having the strength and resilience to carry this information and seek solutions, change and justice.

Mind Controlled ‘Spiritual’ People

Some of the most mind controlled and brainwashed people I have come across are people who call themselves ‘spiritual’.

Often, what has happened is that they have bought into the Jewish Zionist controlled ‘New Age Movement’ or the Jewish Zionist controlled ‘Non-Duality Movement’. I had to move through and and beyond both of these deceptive movements when I first woke up – these movements wish to catch people who are waking up and pacify them – to create a controlled limited hangout – so that they don’t work out what is happening conspiratorially on this planet – e.g – how humanity is being oppressed, poisoned, deceived, enslaved, lied to… and who exactly is doing this…

And love is very important, but spirituality is not about just trying to love everybody – as this free will universe doesn’t work like that. Love is very inspiring and a powerful motivating force, but you aren’t going to love everybody – does everybody deserve your love? You can have an understanding of why they commit evil acts, and have some compassion for the confusion and darkness within their soul, if you want… but you certainly don’t have to love them. 

There are souls who will manipulate you through your love and compassion – who will harm you and your family by walking all over you… you can’t afford to be naive in a free will universe.

There are some extremely dark souls in powerful positions on this planet that just need to be gone, or removed from society… if you have a parasite in your body depleting your energy and resources do you let it live there? Do you have love and compassion for it and let in live in your body slowly weakening you? No – you get rid of it.

I am not saying these souls/people should be killed… I am saying that they need to neutralized and perhaps removed from this planet – or at least put somewhere where they have absolutely no influence on the rest of the population who want to live in peace… we don’t have the ability and know-how to transform and rehabilitate some of the extremely dark damaged souls on this planet. And sometimes you have to make difficult decisions for the greater good…

And sometimes the right course of action is unfortunately going to be violence… sometimes you have to meet an attacking violent soul with violence to protect life, to protect innocence, to protect goodness and truth and to protect yourself. Each situation is unique, we can’t always use Gandhi type tactics, not all situations call for that. Warriors who protect their families and communities, with their lives, from immoral invaders… all throughout ancient times up to the modern day… these are evolved honorable souls, sacrificing themselves to protect innocence and goodness… and of course, martial arts are steeped in spiritual traditions. 

Where peaceful resolutions can be made, then that is great – but sometimes souls are too dark, and other means are needed for the protection and benefit of the greater good.

Evolving as a Soul

Being an ‘Evolved Soul’ is also about being wise, knowledgeable, courageous and very conscious. ‘Spirituality’ is a very psychological based phenomena… it is about becoming aware of your emotions in each moment and being in control of yourself – understanding your reactions and emotions and staying centred and balanced. Using your knowledge and wisdom in combination with your feelings and emotions, and then taking the right course of action. We must understand the risks we face on this planet and respond to them in a wise, integrous and courageous way.

To some, being ‘spiritual’ means trying to get rid of the ‘ego’, this is heavily promoted by the Jewish Zionist controlled Non-Duality Movement – this is a psyop and a manipulation – you are not here to try and get rid of any sense of self… just contemplate how ridiculous that actually is… It’s like trying to kill yourself. This ‘spiritual’ promotion that your purpose is getting rid of the ‘ego’ is Jewish Freemasonic manipulation, promoted by their controlled agents. It is a manipulation from the ‘Dark Forces’ on this planet to stop you breaking free from your chains… it even stops some people even realizing they are are a slave and prisoner on this planet – it is promoted to stop people from rising up and changing this satanic system that is becoming more and more prevalent all the time. 

Wisdom… you need wisdom, knowledge and critical thinking skills – as well as raised levels of consciousness.

You are a soul – a unique consciousness – you have a unique soul energy – be unique. Do what you can do for the greater good in the best way you can… and I am telling you that one of the things that that involves is taking on board knowledge about what is really occurring on this planet – such as becoming wise politically, geopolitically and conspiratorially, as well as understanding who your oppressors are… the depths of the lies and manipulations.

If there is a ‘prime creator’ or a ‘godhead’ out there – do you think that this being would want all of the souls that it set in motion to become a non-entity? Of course not.

Again, trying to get rid of your ‘ego’ or ‘sense of self’ is more mind-control. Can you imagine this ‘supreme being’ saying “I send forth all these souls, but what I want you to do is to have a few lifetimes and then totally get rid of your sense of self and become a totally passive non-entity” – Give me a break… can you see how ridiculous this is?

It is extremely unlikely that you will escape from this soul prison planets reincarnation cycle just by sitting in meditation all day or getting yourself into some transcendent state of being. I do not think any souls are escaping the


cycle… the system must be taken down, as a collective we must defeat the satanic system that is being pushed upon us. 

You won’t defeat this oppressive, corrupting, satanic, debt slave system we find ourselves in just with meditation! Meditation is very beneficial and will most certainly help you to become balanced, and more conscious – but meditation is not to be used for escapism — it is to be used to engage with your emotional issues, to become clear in your mind, to let go of any self defeating thoughts or self hatred you have been programmed with, to gain self discipline… and to see the connections between the dangers we face on the planet, and to see the correct course of action. And to do this you must also have knowledge – you must combine meditation with wisdom, knowledge, critical thinking and then action… but you must have knowledge about this planet and what is really occurring here, otherwise your actions can be misguided. 

Expansive Thinking

We are in a vast universe teeming with a wide variety of life – you have just been cut off from it all. As I have mentioned, we appear to be on a soul prison planet, trapped in its reincarnation cycle, our past life memories wiped before each new incarnation here… so that it is very difficult to correct past errors – repeating the same mistakes… and so that we can’t work out what is happening. 

I know there is so much life out there, civilizations, huge advanced craft , etc… as I have had extraterrestrial abductions and been taken onto ships – I have been taken off planet in the night – I get flashbacks in middle of the night of missions on other planets – I see other beings – I become lucid in the night and see screens and I am shown otherworldly images – I have had brief physical contact with ETs in the middle of the night… I can’t tell you what all these memory fragments and brief experiences mean – but just to tell you that we have been cut off from it… from the rest of the galaxy and universe. 

(But don’t get caught up in Jewish Zionist controlled Ufology – it is one huge, controlled opposition limited hangout – with so many controlled agents and so much dis-info… Ufology is being used as a massive distraction)

And human souls on this planet have been cut off for such a long time – from the rest of the galaxies, planets, civilizations and dimensions – and they have lost the ability to think expansively. This universe is a free will universe with a certain type of physics – but there must also be other universes – perhaps with different sets of physics – with different parameters and ways of existing. Galaxy after galaxy, universe after universe, immeasurable amounts of civilizations… as well as other dimensional experiences – the exploration of it all must be endless… think more expansively… why would there ever be an end to it all?… soul evolution and exploration just goes on and on… that is, if you aren’t trapped in a prison planet’s reincarnation cycle…

But we most certainly can’t afford to get lost in expansive thought, we must stay very grounded and take action. Again, ‘spirituality’ is not about being passive – here are some phrases that are promoted to pacify the people on this planet: ‘everything’s meant to be’ – ‘we are all one’ – ‘time doesn’t exist anyway’ – ‘it’s all an illusion anyway’ – ‘is just a cosmic game’ – ‘all you need is love’ – ‘only love is real’ – ‘life is meant to be a struggle’ – ‘the ascension solar flash event is coming’ (this last manipulation is one of their favorite pieces of disinformation – it’s a psyop). These phrases are thrown around and people use them as a justification for not taking any responsibility for transforming this planet – they are promoted by the Jewish Zionist controlled ‘New Age’ and ‘Non Duality’ Movements to stop people becoming truly knowledgeable and rising up against the oppressive tyranny we face on this planet.

Stand Up against Tyranny

Do not give your consent to the system.

To have integrity, to be very conscious and aware of your behaviour and how it affects others… to be knowledgeable… to live in harmony and balance with nature – to respect life…

But we can’t afford to be soft, we cannot afford to be naive, we cannot let others walk all over us, we cannot let ourselves be oppressed through fear. We must stand up for truth. We must stand up for what is right. We must stand up for, and protect, innocence and goodness. We must stand up against those who have intentions to harm us, our families and our communities.

But we must stand up against tyranny with wisdom, we must understand who our oppressors are, see their manipulations and the games they play / how they think – see the root of their power and focus our energy into eliminating the root causes of our problems. We must be wise and work against their agendas in shrewd, well thought out intelligent ways.  Aggressive unbalanced gung-ho tactics, that have not been thought through, can cause us setbacks. 

At the very least, when we become knowledgeable, we must try to wake up those that are asleep… we must share this knowledge with intelligence, and with consideration as to who they are, or who are audience is – (How much truth can they handle? How will I gain their attention, interest and trust?) – For some people, who are really asleep, it’s going to be just gently sowing a few seeds and then proceeding from there.  

(Who are our oppressors here on Earth? The Rabbit Hole leads to… The Jewish Supremacist Elites – Jewish Zionist Bankers – 33rd Degree Freemasons… and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.)

And sometimes you will get angry, when you are a Real Truther, when you see the truth depths of the crimes committed against humanity, and the agendas ‘they’ have for us… Then it is inevitable that you will get angry at times… You’ve got to recognise the anger and then let this anger out, it should be released in controlled ways, away from others. When you are angry you are not going to be seeing clearly and you can damage your relationships, and make mistakes. You can also use this anger and disenchantment… you can channel it into productive projects to help wake others up. But I would suggest that being motivated by love for your human brothers and sisters, and the wildlife on this planet, is a much more powerful motivating force.

And the root cause of your suffering and their powerbase is the immoral and insane Debt Slavery Banking System / Usury.

And remember this is a free will universe – if you don’t break free from any chains placed upon you, you can be enslaved for a great many lifetimes by other beings – which seems to be happening this planet. In this free will universe you have to stand up for yourself.

You can’t let them walk all over you and oppress you, and all those you care about – this passivity is essentially saying it’s OK… you are giving your consent to them to enslave and oppress you, and those you love.

You have to stand up against the chemtrails in the sky, the poisons in the water, the poisons in vaccines, the harmful Wifi, the GMO foods, the pedophilia networks, the corrupt governments, 5G towers, fake terrorism, poisonous pharmaceuticals, transhumanism, the unjust and contrived bankers wars, the forced mass immigration …etc etc… most importantly stand up against the Jewish Supremacist ‘Elites’ power base: the Debt Slavery / Usury… people need understand that there are alternative systems that do not result in humanity being oppressed and enslaved… there are solutions…

True Spirituality Involves Courage 

To me, the most spiritual people who have ever lived showed tremendous courage, altruism and determination in the face of adversity – these are truly ‘spiritual’ people… Evolved Souls. What’s easier? To fight against tyranny and overcome adversity or sit in a retreat in the mountains all day? Some of the most ‘spiritual’ people in the world don’t even know they are ‘spiritual’.

People have risked everything to expose government corruption, to expose humanity’s oppressors, to protect innocence and goodness… sticking their head up above the parapet… telling the real Truth about history – to go against the grain – exposing lies… seeking fairness and justice… sacrificing themselves for the greater good… these are extraordinarily ‘spiritual’ people – or as people should say: Evolved Souls.



First of all, an aura is a visualization of the energy-based field around everything, living or non-living. Living beings’ auras tend to change over time, where non living auras generally stay fixed. Auras span the whole electromagnetic spectrum, which is why the colors of the rainbow can often be seen. Auras are often stronger around the head or heart areas. 

At first, seeing auras can be extremely difficult. I found it almost impossible for a good few months. My first tip is to unfocus your eyes when you’re looking at a particular thing. Say you’re looking at a person on the train opposite you. Look at a part of their body (so you don’t freak them out with constant eye-contact) and fuzz your eyes slightly, as if you were going cross-eyed. It takes a few tries, but you should start to see a white ring around their body. This is the first success.

After a while, more colors will begin to appear around people. With practice, you can even gather a rough idea of what they are feeling through their aura. If a color appears stronger than the rest, they are feeling an emotion corresponding to that color. However, the colors and correspondences aren’t always the same for everyone. Often, you have to interpret them for yourself. For example, I interpret red as feeling bitter, feeling unrequited love, or being generally unhappy. A yellow aura for me means the person in question is feeling particularly happy today. If I see a blue aura, I see confidence.

For other people, it can be different. My partner sees red as misunderstood, and yellow as calm. This is why auras can be difficult to read. You have to make your own mind up from whatever your energy tells you.

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All these points are verifiable. They just take a bit of objective, independent research.

1/. He never wanted to kill any Jews

Whenever you hear anyone espouse (repeat) the lies about Hitler the nasty Jew-killer. Please always make a point of asking this very simple question: “Where did you get that information from?”

Perhaps we all at some point have repeated this fable. Why would we not, when it’s shoved down our throats 24/7, year in year out for decades(?) There hasn’t been a man on this planet who has been demonized as much as Herr Hitler.

If Hitler wanted to kill Jews, why oh why throughout all his speeches and manuscripts and his book Mein Kampf did he not mention this? Did he just forget? No, he didn’t say or write it BECAUSE HE HAD NO INTENTION OF KILLING THE JEWS.

No matter what amount of destruction he had observed done by the Jews to his people; he had enough self-discipline and ethical code not to take revenge. Being a strong character, he was able to rise above the darkness, the demonic standards of the Judaic mindset and show self-restraint and humility.

That is why he created ‘containment work camps’ for the Jews and certainly NOT death camps.

2/. He cared about conditions for the Jews in the work camps

Unbeknown to billions of people the Nazi camps were not death camps, nor were they places to carry out human experiments. They were simply containment camps. Something had to be done with these destructive anti-social Jews who were strangling Germany. Thanks to the Jews, Germany had lost it’s moral code and had become debased and de-cultured, does that ring a bell?

Something had to be done! And Hitler did do something – he placed all the Jews in containment camps to allow Germany to breath again. But – this is the key point in this essay/piece. He did it in a way which was ethical. The camps had decent sufficient food (bearing in mind it was war time), they had theaters, swimming pools, football pitches, post offices where inmates could communicate to the outside world, kindergartens, art and music recreation and even prostitutes.

Quality sanitation within the camps was paramount and that is why the inmates clothes were regularly de-loused with Zyklon B gas. There were no human gas chambers……THAT IS A BIG FAT KOSHER LIE; to which the world has had to endure for over half a century.

My theory is that if there had not have been a war effort, Hitler would not have even made the Jews work. AND I bet you the containment camps would have been luxury rehabilitation centers. In order to slowly de-programme the Jews from their mind control cult.


3/. He had compassion for other sentient beings

Many historians claim he was a vegetarian. I believe this is true, but whether it is or not, the point is he had a clear connection and affection for his fellow creatures. I’m not suggesting just because he may have been a veggie that therefore he was a good person; but this was a man of compassion and that he recognised the importance of compassion in society. He had so much affection for his German shepherds (picture below with his beloved dog). He banned all animal experimentation, recognising it to be evil. Hitler could see the connection between all life forms. It was his level of consciousness. Respect for nature, animals and human life.


4/. He tried to prevent the destruction of his fellow Europeans

Numerous occasions Hitler tried to warn and assist his fellow brethren about the Jewish trap they had fallen for and who really was behind all the warmonger. He dropped fliers from planes trying in vein to prevent Germany and Britain fighting. He initially wanted to make alliances with Britain. Many occasions he gave opportunities to opposing European forces, where he could have slaughtered them. It was his internal spiritual angst for him to be fighting (defending) amongst his European brothers and sisters. He did all he could to avoid war, he was not the warmonger we all have been led to believe.


5/. He cared passionately about his people and German heritage

Hitler observed the degrading machinations of the Jews in Austria and Germany. It not only disgusted and angered him, but saddened him to see how these two nations were being destroyed from the inside out like a cancer – a cancer that his sleepy folksmen could not see. The exact same angst those of us who are Jew-conscious find ourselves in. He was a man who cared about society, a man who cared about culture, who cared about nature, about moral values and about building and improving as opposed to destroying and degrading.


He was a man who had fought for his country, in the trenches and been hospitalized for his country. How many of our sell out politicians today can claim that? He was a true spokesman of the people, for the people who had diligently worked his way up from grass roots. From microcosmic pep talks to his fellow workman on building sites, to talks in beer houses, to speeches in basements, to town halls. As well as all the behind-the-scenes work and risks. Slung in jail, mocked and defamed. Endless tireless work to resolve the destruction of his peoples.

I would also strongly suggest he cared about all peoples. Yes, including black people, despite the kosher myth he was a supremacist racist.

6/. He was a humble man, from a humble background

Can any of us name one present western politician who can claim that these days? No, today they’re all criminals, fed through the kosher criminal system. All built on materialistic gain and kudos. All content with serving the beast for their demonic and self-serving interests. Their greed and hubris having no boundaries.

Hitler worked on building sites as a laborer for crying out loud. How many of these leaches under the guise of politicians do you know have that background? He was also a humble street artist, barely scraping a living together. Some days he had to decide whether to spend his meager earnings on a political book, or to eat – he opted for the former. Now that is passion in politics and a drive for social reform.

7/. He held correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi

This alone doesn’t necessarily suggest he was a good person. But more that Gandhi and Hitler were in alignment on many issues. They both recognized the evil force they were up against and both were coming from a humanitarian position. The bottom line is Gandhi would not have corresponded with a so-called evil mad dictator hell bent on wanting to kill the Jews and rule the world.

8/. He was a man of God

Hitler was NOT an atheist – despite what the Jewish propaganda machine wants us to believe. He often made references to God and spoke in terms of a Divinity. He was somebody who could clearly make the connection between Divine law and Natural laws. He was spiritually and morally driven throughout all his political career. Read his book Mein Kampf to see his consistent reference to Christian values.

9/. He implemented cultural and social reform

Throughout Hitler’s political career, his common theme was about ‘cleaning up’. He had seen the filth the Jews had created and desperately wanted Germany to reverse these degrading trends. He banned supermarkets, because he wanted local small businesses to prosper. He banned degrading modern art, as he recognised it for what it was. He banned vivisection (animal experiments), because in his wisdom he could see how futile and unnecessary they were.

He encouraged healthy youth activities and social programmes to enhance cultural pride and individual self worth, such as sports and recreational activities. He encouraged men to be men and women to be feminine. He helped develop beauty, cleanliness and pride back into the German people.

10/. He stamped on usury

This subject links in most of the points in this list and what Hitler achieved as a leader. But I thought it was essential that this topic was highlighted in isolation, as it was probably the single most important act of bravery and compassion Hitler offered to his people. Unfortunately this act alone was enough to piss off the Jewish IMF and therefore create WW2.

Usury is the elite Jews most powerful and demonic weapon amongst their whole armament of destructive weapons. More powerful than their poisons and even their mind control techniques. Because it’s their use of compound interest that enables them to create a stranglehold on every industry and therefore every level of society. Nobody can escape usury – everybody is infected by it.

That is why Hitler created his own independent currency as a first move when he came to power. And hey presto – that is why Germany was able to get back on it’s feet and flourish as all nations should. Hitler recognised the judaic invention of usury as unlawful, ungodly and unnatural – and as a talmudic curse which has crippled every host nation the Jews have entered into and ultimately, that which brings about their demise.

Hitler freed his people of this curse.


In Conclusion

Hitler was probably the hero of the second world war and the 21st century. A man of ethical courage, a man of spiritual perception and good intent. A spiritual soul who cared – cared about all life forms, all cultures, about goodness and Light and ultimately about Truth.

Because he was one of the good guys.