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Crystal Vision.

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“The spirits speak to us and through us. When the emotions overcome you, that’s a possession. We never truly own anything, even the self is temporal.”

Words by C.R. Sheehan.
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“Through the lens a catalyst can range the spectrum. The action is neutral, the perception provides the polarity.

Quote by C.R. Sheehan.
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Scientist Says, “Earth’s Magnetic Field Will Enable Telepathy On A Global Scale”: undefined

Awake – Reiseführer ins Erwachen Teil 1:



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Travel guide to awakening

We live our lives to 95% unconscious, that means that the last 5% are conscious decisions we make. That explain why some most things in our lives go bad and the rest not.

During the first 6 years when you’re a child your subconsciousness acts like a tape recorder and records everything that happens to you. In childhood you’re in a state of hypnosis. Everything the child observes and hears (f.e. you’re don’t deserve this or you’re not lovable), it downloads like a program. Maybe that’s the reason why many have a wrong association what love really is, because they learned that they had to fight for it during childhood. As they grow up, they confound love with other feelings. The things and situations you recorded in childhood follow you thru the rest of your live no matter if you’re already years old, the old programs still run.

As soon as you remember your past you have the ability to transform it now in the presence.

In order to know your subconscious believes you memorized during childhood you don’t have to go back in time, just look around your present live and become aware of the 95% of the subconscious programs, that still run to this day…it’s like a copy of that programs. If you struggle or have to work hard to get what you desire then it may be possible that your subconscious believes don’t allow you go there where you would like to be! Your conscious mind is trying to struggle against the believes of the subconscious mind. 

If your back hurts than the cause of this pain is the believe that you have to endure everything alone in your life.  According to Rüdiger Dahlke your body is like the stage for the hidden shadows that are stored in your subconscious believe system and some day manifest on the front stage. At this point you have the chance to become aware of those shadows and bring them to your conscious mind to let go.

F.e. if you’re a child in big family and have other three sister or brothers and you as a child start believing that you don’t get enough that you deserve more than when you grow up what happens is, that you still have this feeling and even if you have a lot of money and can afford many things, you still think you don’t get enough and deserve more or maybe you start eating too much because of the program!

What are the problems? What are the tools for healing

#1 I’am not my body -I’m free (A course in miracles, lesson no. 199)

Become aware of the root of suffering. It’s the believe that you are your body.  The thought is right, believing is the problem! If you believe that, you start existing as an individuum and the programs start to download. The existence of this feeling of an independed body is the birth of the EGO….and these are the creations –>This is my body, my emotions, my life, my family, my, my,my…as soon as the ‘me’ and ‘my’ disappears, the EGO is dead and you’re free!

#2 Identification with your mind

Our mind comments the past, images of the future, fear, valuation, judgement. It is this capacity to make a comment on reality, which allows us to imagine a building and then build it. The mind allows us imagination but at the same time it’s a curse. This capacity of thinking and imagine is a wonderful servant if YOU can use it the right way but it makes terrible Master if not. Almost all human beings have lost the capacity to switch the mind OFF. The thinking process is no longer something useful it becomes a disease. Thoughts are just thoughts but beginning to believe them that’s the problem. If you think what YOU believe is right, than pain starts! You will have to leave the idea of perfection.and come to the conclusion that YOU are a imperfect, wonderful human being.

Awake – Reiseführer ins Erwachen Teil 1:

“If humanity were to free itself out of the shadows and turn to the light, as the Gnostics describe it, then it no longer needed any religions, states and borders. The structure, as we know it, would have no stock. Thus, it makes sense for power-hungry people and organizations, of course, to always create something, so that one can present solutions and thus has a raison d’être: In religion, the solution is called “The one God judging”, in politics is the solution is “ War”. It is up to us humans to liberate ourselves from these mental dependencies …”

Marvin Meyer – Introduction to the Gnostic Scriptures:

“The role of the gnostic savior or revealer is to awaken people who are under the spell of the demiurge—not, as in the case of the Christ of the emerging orthodox church, to die for the salvation of people, to be a sacrifice for sins, or to rise from the dead on Easter. The gnostic revealer discloses knowledge that frees and awakens people, and that helps them recall who they are. When enlightened, gnostics can live a life appropriate for those who know themselves and god. They can return back to the beginning, when they were one with god. Such a life transcends what is mundane and mortal in this world and experiences the bliss of oneness with the divine.

As noted, the demiurge or creator of this world is commonly distinguished from the transcendent deity in gnostic texts. The demiurge is ignorant, tragic, megalomaniacal. In the Secret Book of John he is depicted as the ugly child of Sophia, snakelike in appearance, with the face of a lion and eyes flashing like bolts of lightning. He is named Yaldabaoth, Sakla, Samael, and he is the chief archon and an arrogant, jealous god. In the Gospel of Judas he is given another name, Nebro, said to mean “rebel.” 

In the Gospel of Truth error behaves like the demiurge, for it becomes strong and works in the world, but erroneously. Similar, too, are the actions of nature in the Paraphrase of Shem, Ptahil in Mandaean literature, the five evil archons in Manichaean literature, Azazi’il in the Mother of Books, and Lucifer or Satan among the Cathars.The gnostic revealer awakens people who are under the spell of the demiurge. Within a Jewish context the gnostic revealer is Seth, the child of Adam and Eve, or Derdekeas, probably Aramaic for “male child,” or the first thought or the afterthought or the wisdom of the divine. Within a Christian context the revealer is Jesus the anointed, within a Manichaean context Jesus of light, as well as others.”

“The gnosis sought by the authors of these texts is hardly ordinary knowledge. A text from the Nag Hammadi library, the Exegesis on the Soul (included in this volume), declares that the restoration of the soul to a state of wholeness “is not due to rote phrases or to professional skills or to book learning.” Indeed, mystics commonly have emphasized, in many books, that mystical knowledge cannot be attained simply by reading books. Other texts describe this sort of gnosis by listing questions that need to be addressed if one is to be enlightened by knowledge. In the Secret Book of John the savior or revealer announces that she or he will teach “what is, what was, and what is to come,” and in the Book of Thomas the revealer commands, “Examine yourself and understand who you are, how you exist, and how you will come to be.” 

To attain this knowledge—to become a gnostic—is to know oneself, god, and everything. Or, in the words of the maxim from the ancient oracular center dedicated to Apollo at Delphi, Greece, a maxim cited frequently in the texts in this volume: gnothi sauton, “know yourself.” According to many of these sacred texts, to know oneself truly is to attain this mystical knowledge, and to attain this mystical knowledge is to know oneself truly. Gnostic knowledge, then, relies on lived mystical experience, on knowledge of the whole timeline of the world, past, present, and future, and on knowledge of the self—where we have come from, who we are, where we are going—and of the soul’s journey.”

„The great cycle has been completed, and we are entering the golden age. It is the end of time as we know it. And we will be moving into another dimension. Many people are unaware of what is really going on here. Our earth has been dying. There is no doubt. Humanity, for the most part, are slaves on this planet, who are ruled by an elite few who have the technology and knowledge to keep humanity at the state of consciousness that it is currently manifesting. It’s not humanity that is killing our planet. It’s our consciousness. We have accepted an imposter into our ranks. That imposter has lied and cheated, stolen, and killed to keep you from knowing the truth that will be true always. That truth is that you are God and we create reality.“


“The grand finale of this experiment that we know as life is coming to its culmination, and with that being so, humanity is ready to ascend into the next dimension, if it so pleases. For some, it will be smooth. For others, it will seem like the end of the world. For some, it will be a divine intervention. And for others, it will be an alien invasion. Regardless though, it is time to get prepared for this world to never be the same again. Either we can have it the way it is or we can have it be like Star Trek and Star Wars, where there is full disclosure of everything that has been kept a secret. The elite has shown the truth in movies, but they never fully just come out and say it. If one has clairvoyant illumination sight, it is not hard to see what is going on once all of the pieces of the compartmentalized puzzle are put together.

„There is nothing more important than knowing who you are, where you came from, what you’re doing here, and where you are going. And to know those things, you must go through that hero’s journey ….“

Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.