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Craft Technology was stolen.

They stay above and come down to rape the population.

The rules have changed and (AKA humans are no longer slaves, because they woke up) and this is an act of war against humanity.

Your people have been raped, abused, mind controlled, dream hacked, biologically cloned, mentally cloned, manipulated, and molested. Literally. Quite literally, by people who made a living by telling people what to do.

The truth? I’m not going to get into it

They stole the tech 2000 years ago.

Aug Tellez – 17 March 2019 

Craft Technology was stolen.

They stay above and come down to rape the population.

The rules have changed and (AKA humans are no longer slaves, because they woke up) and this is an act of war against humanity.

Your people have been raped, abused, mind controlled, dream hacked, biologically cloned, mentally cloned, manipulated, and molested. Literally. Quite literally, by people who made a living by telling people what to do.

The truth? I’m not going to get into it

They stole the tech 2000 years ago.

Aug Tellez – 17 March 2019 

Pete Petersons bio:

“He helped design some of the craft and other technology they use.  This included advanced computer chips that are far more powerful than anything we have in the commercial world, featuring phoon-based transistors instead of those using electrons.  Pete’s chips have a staggering 144 cores each, running at speeds vastly in excess of any current technology. 

 The chips can be printed on conventional multi-layer silicon wafers at dirt-cheap prices. Since photons have quantum non-locality, they process countless calculations simultaneously.  Eighty -five percent of the components of a typical smart phone could be eliminated with just one chip, and it requires so little power, it can be run off a lemon with wires stuck into it.  This technology was recently demonstrated to officials who were not in the know about these discoveries at the Pentagon. 

 They gave the chip a random, unexpected calculation that their top super computers would take 3 weeks to crack, and left.  Pete’s chip had already solved the puzzle by the time the came back from the bathroom.  These chips are so powerful, they demonstrate what Pete’s insiders call “electronic intelligence”. (source)

In a recent interview on Gaia TV, Pete discusses the first time he saw something that appeared to be extraterrestrial hardware:

That was about when I was about 22, 23.  And what I was asked to do was to say, “This seems to be a control panel. Is it a control panel? If it is a control panel, what does it do in this vehicle that it’s sitting in?”  

Pete believes this happened at either area 51 or area 52, but is unsure as information at these highly classified and secretive levels is only shared on a “need to know” basis:

I come up an elevator and get off the elevator. And this hangar has got in a big circle set out wreckage like you would see if they were investigating a crash of some kind. So I was taken to what was in the center, which they said, “This is very probably the control panel.” And it was set so that obviously a person that had appendages would sit like this [Pete lays his hands and arms out in front of him on the table]. They obviously had three fingers, because there were grooves for these to fit in, things that fit in. Thing that held the hand down. So it was still something that anti-gravity wasn’t perfect for because they were holding it. The anti-gravity craft, you can go upside down and you don’t even know it. So I looked at it, and I said, “Well, okay. ”They said, “So how do we start it?

When asked about the nature of material he was working with, Pete says:

Very lightweight. Unusual reflection, unusual finish, unusual joinments, whether it was rivets, was it welds, was it different sputtering? You know, there are all kinds of ways to hook things together.

He worked as well on projects which concentrated on the infinite potential of consciousness in relation to physical form:

Pete was also involved in a program in which the nervous system was mapped out to meticulous detail. He discovered that we have a dimple in the middle of each shoulder blade where a huge cluster of nerve fibers all intersect before going up to the brain. He said this serves no practical purpose for the body, other than that it feels terrific when the area is massaged. The nerve clusters were thought to be a product of intelligent genetic tinkering with the human body, such as by extraterrestrials. Pete and his insiders feel we were meant to use these areas once we learned how to access them.  Special energetic fields can pump visual information, words, and thoughts directly into the brain through these areas which they call “ports”.  (source)

This system was depicted in the movie, The Matrix, when Trinity downloads the information on how to fly a helicopter as her eyes flutter and Neo downloads information that suddenly allows him to excel at martial arts and fight Morpheus. The main difference in The Matrix is that people “jack in” through the port at the back of their heads rather than shoulder blades. Pete said that if you are given information in this manner, it can cause headaches and disorientation. The data then begins showing up in your mind over the course of the next few days or weeks. At first it seems dreamlike, and it gradually surfaces in your conscious awareness as something you know and understand. We have the potential to vastly increase our intelligence and learn multiple languages through the use of this technology. (source)

Although much of these advanced technologies that Pete helped to construct are still kept within classified programs, with little benefit for the average person, his recent coming forward with this information is a very positive step toward full disclosure.  This technology has the potential to catapult our world and consciousness into a whole new level of being where truth and peace reign.  Rather than spending our most precious moments of life memorizing so-called “facts” in an ineffective educational system, we could instead use that time to come together as a community, to create and build compassionate and peaceful endeavors, to meditate and improve ourselves, and to serve this universe and one another on even greater levels!

However, in order to get to this point in balanced integration, we need to first get a grip on the current technologies amidst us now. And many of them are wreaking havoc and causing unprecedented levels of mental illness. We are being bombarded by technologies we do not understand and it is vital we get more knowledgeable about the potential of artificial intelligence before we empower it even more.

The following video is a scene from The Matrix and demonstrates the same abilities as the technology Pete said that he helped to create.  Not only does it allow extraordinary and accelerated learning, but it also “can be used to project people into vividly realistic virtual-reality environments”. (source) The technology in the following clip already exists and is being actively used in various special access programs.  


Another disclosure movie according to D. Wilcock–>Jupiter Ascending (2015):

#DRACOS #REPTILIAN working together with a secret government force and the Dark fleet aka. the Nazi breakaway civilisation

Google Translate> Corey Goode’s update on aliens living on Earth, news of the Disclosure movement, and the mysterious events in the Antarctic! – Part 2: undefined

It concerns Antarctica, where Antarctica is opening up a WORMHOLE.  Yes, there is an ‘opening’ to other dimensions down there.  Due to the extremely high magnetic shifts going on in and near Antarctica, it’s literally ‘tearing a new fabric’ in the dimensional field.  THIS is the reason why ALL those government leaders went down there.  THIS is why they shut off Antarctica to the public and so forth.  The public only gets 5% of the ‘story.’  And now you have the other side.

Stefano Breccia>Alien propulsion details revealed | Paranormal- il cast amicizia – the friendship case:

“Stefano Breccia died “unexpectly” (uuuuhhhh oohhhhh 😉 in 2012.”

50 Years of Amicizia marks a milestone in Ufology. As I have written elsewhere, the Amicizia case is a Rosetta stone that allows us to make much more sense of the alien presence on Earth and its role in our history. The book is a fitting tribute to a brave man who risked ridicule from his peers to let us see that presence more clearly than ever.

Watch the documentary “friendship case”


Did Trump’s Uncle Tell Him about Missing Tesla Papers & Flying Saucers?:

Donald Trump’s uncle, John G. Trump, was a Professor of Electrical
Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 1936
until his retirement in 1973. It is well known that declassified
documents confirm that in January 1943 Professor Trump was called upon
by the FBI to evaluate the personal papers of Nikola Tesla just over a
week after his death.
What is not well known is that there is also a
leaked classified document that also connects Professor Trump to another
famous event in US history – the crash of a flying saucer at Roswell in

According to a memorial tribute
published by the National Academy of Engineering, John Trump joined MIT
to work with Professor Robert J. Van de Graaff, who was a pioneer in
“the new field of super-high voltage generation and applications.” After
gaining a Doctorate under Van de Graaff in 1933, Trump went on to
become an assistant professor in 1936, and a full professor in 1952 at

According to the memorial tribute:

Trump had two main interests: the insulation of super-high voltages in
vacuum and compressed gases and the biological applications of high
voltage radiation.

During World War II, Trump worked on microwave radar
at MIT’s Radiation Lab, where he served as “field services director”,
and also was posted to the British branch of the Radiation Lab where he
worked directly with General Dwight D. Eisenhower:

1944, he was named director of the lab and given the responsibility of
working directly with the Eisenhower Military Command. At the liberation
of Paris, Trump rode into the city with General Eisenhower and
immediately began to set up the Paris branch of the Radiation Lab.

expertise with high voltages and radiation was widely acknowledged by
U.S. authorities, and he also was very familiar with the requirements
for working in classified government programs.

In 1943, he
played a major role in the examination of Nikola Tesla’s personal papers
that were acquired by the FBI/Office Alien Property Custodian soon
after Tesla’s January 13 death. An FBI document included Trump among the scientists and experts investigating Tesla’s papers:

Tesla was the author of over 200 patents
granted worldwide, and made numerous claims about building death rays
and electrostatic walls of energy that could protect any country from

Among Tesla’s inventions was a revolutionary disc shaped aircraft – a flying saucer – which he allegedly filed a patent application
for in the early 1900’s, but it was not granted on national security
grounds. Apparently, Tesla planned for his flying saucer to be remotely
powered by a “world wireless system” which he first discussed in a March
5, 1904 paper titled: “The Transmission of Electric Energy Without
Wires”. Tesla wrote:

only was it practicable to send telegraphic messages to any distance
without wires, as I recognized long ago, but also to impress upon the
entire globe the faint modulations of the human voice, far more still,
to transmit power, in unlimited amounts, to any terrestrial distance and
almost without loss…

Tesla went on to describe how his “world wireless system” would be powered by devices similar to his legendary Wardenclyff Tower, which would be eventually capable of generating huge electrostatic charges that surpassed that found in lightning bolts:

is difficult to form an adequate idea of the marvelous power of this
unique appliance, by the aid of which the globe will be transformed.  
The electromagnetic radiations being reduced to an insignificant
quantity, and proper conditions of resonance maintained, the circuit
acts like an immense pendulum, storing indefinitely the energy of the
primary exciting impulses and impressions upon the earth of the primary
exciting impulses and impressions upon the earth and its conducting
atmosphere uniform harmonic oscillations of intensities which, as actual
tests have shown, may be pushed so far as to surpass those attained in
the natural displays of static electricity.

proposal of building a “world wireless system” that could power any
remote device, including his proposed flying saucer, was certainly
revolutionary. What is critical here is that his proposal for building devices
capable of generating huge electrostatic charges was the precise topic
that Professor Trump had specialized in at MIT with his work on Van de
Graaff generators!

So did Tesla really design a flying saucer that would be powered by a some kind of Van de Graaff generator?

A New York inventor, Otis Carr, claims that he befriended Tesla in 1937 while Tesla was living at the New Yorker Hotel, and was instructed by Tesla on how to build a flying saucer that would be powered by an electrical generator.

Over a decade later, Carr succeeded in getting a patent
for his revolutionary flying saucer craft, which he called an amusement
park device in order to get it approved by the US Trade and Patent
Office. After raising private funding to build his OTC-XI, he
successfully tested his flying saucer in 1961. According to one of
Carr’s former employees, Ralph Ring, the saucer incorporated high
voltage machines for its propulsion and navigation systems.

Ring also told of how Carr’s manufacturing facility was raided and
closed down by Federal agents on bogus charges of securities fraud.

If Carr and
Ring are to be believed, a civilian spacecraft based on Nikola Tesla’s
ideas and inventions was successfully built and tested in 1961. Were any
of Tesla’s ideas on building a flying saucer device found in his
personal papers after his death?

An article in the New Yorker, described Trump’s role in evaluating Tesla’s papers:

was involved in radar research for the Allies in the Second World War,
and in 1943 the F.B.I. had enough faith in his technical ability and his
discretion to call him in when Nikola Tesla died in his room at the New
Yorker Hotel, in Manhattan, raising the question of whether enemy
agents might have had a chance to learn some of his secrets before the
body was found.
(One fear was that Tesla was working on a “death ray.”)
As Margaret Cheney and Robert Uth recount in “Tesla, Master of

Professor Trump examined Tesla’s papers and equipment, and wrote a report for the FBI stating nothing of national security significance was found within them:

a result of this examination, it is my considered opinion that there
exist among Dr. Tesla’s papers and possessions no scientific notes,
descriptions of hitherto unrevealed methods or devices, or actual
apparatus which could be of significant value to this country or which
constitute a hazard in unfriendly hands. I can therefore see no
technical or military reason why further custody of the property should
be retained.

Professor Trump went on to give his conclusion about the importance of Tesla’s work over the prior 15 years:

should be no discredit to this distinguished engineer and scientists
whose solid contributions to the electrical art were made at the
beginning of the present century to report that his thoughts and efforts
during at least the past fifteen years were primarily of a speculative,
philosophical, and somewhat promotional character – often concerned
with the production and wireless transmission of power – but did not
include new sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such

Trump did not
appear to be impressed by Tesla’s background or what had been found in
the latter’s papers when it came to its potential war application.

Given Tesla’s
claims and what numerous researchers have discovered about his
revolutionary ideas, this appears odd. Either Trump found nothing of
importance as he reported to the FBI, or he was instructed by higher
military authorities to cover up the true significance of Tesla’s papers
in his report to the FBI.

According to Margaret Cheney, author of Tesla: Man Out of Time,
some of Tesla’s documents, inventions and patents applications were
seized by FBI agents and never released into the public arena. If Cheney
is correct, then John Trump did find items of importance among Tesla’s
collection that were taken and have been kept secret from the public to
the present day.

Despite the
controversy over what was retrieved from Tesla’s collection, it is clear
that he worked on developing revolutionary technologies, some of which
are relevant to flying saucer propulsion systems. Otis Carr’s claims
directly connect Tesla to such exotic propulsion technologies.

The relevance
of all this is that John Trump was the man the FBI wanted to help them
decide whether Tesla’s personal papers contained revolutionary
technologies that were vital to national security or not. Essentially,
the FBI viewed Trump as the expert who could make the necessary
recommendations on the revolutionary technologies, some of which
concerned flying saucers, which the FBI and the US military was secretly
studying from what had been retrieved at Roswell and other crash sites.

A little
known historical fact is that Van de Graaff generators, which Professor
John Trump specialized in at MIT, were a key component of flying saucer
research being secretly conducted in Nazi Germany. According to Vladimir
Terziski, an electrical engineer who was a member of the Bulgarian
Academy of Sciences before emigrating to the US, Van de Graaff machines
were part of the propulsion system for different flying saucer
prototypes being developed by Nazi Germany.

explained that Vril and Haunebu models possessed an electro-gravitics
propulsion system called Thule-Tachyonator drives. These were first
developed in 1939 by a Nazi SS development unit which incorporated Van
de Graaff generators, as learned from SS documents acquired and released by Terziski after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact:

group developed by 1939 a revolutionary electro-magnetic-gravitic
engine which improved Hans Coler’s free energy machine into an energy
Konverter coupled to a Van De Graaff band generator and Marconi vortex
dynamo [a spherical tank of mercury] to create powerful rotating
electromagnetic fields that affected gravity and reduced mass. It was
designated the Thule … [Tachyonator-7 drive] and was to be installed
into a Thule designed disc.

If Trump’s
expertise on Van de Graaff generators led to him learning about the
propulsion systems used in flying saucer research, is there any
documentary evidence linking Professor Trump to US government’s research
and development in this regard?

Indeed, there is. A Majestic document called the “White Hot Report” was given a “High Level of Authenticity
rating by Dr Robert Wood and Ryan Wood, who specialize in researching
and authenticating leaked government and military documents given MAJIC
and similar level security classifications.

The leaked
Majestic document concerns a report by then Major General Nathan Twining
about the need to set up a permanent committee to evaluate the Roswell
UFO Crash given the many vital national security issues surrounding the
visitation of extraterrestrial life and their advanced technologies. The
White Hot Report describes a list of scientific institutions involved
in the study of such extraterrestrial artifacts. Prominently listed
among them is MIT.

This is a
stunning discovery since it directly links the institution where
Professor Trump worked, with secret government studies of the Roswell
UFO Crash. Given Trump’s expertise in high voltage radiation and Van de
Graaff generators, his 1943 role in evaluating Tesla’s personal papers
and work for classified US government programs during World War II, it
is reasonable to conclude that Trump was almost certainly among the MIT
experts consulted about the revolutionary technologies found at Roswell.

Trump was
likely also very familiar with top secret research and development
efforts by US authorities to develop flying saucer technologies for a
future space program due to his expertise on Van de Graff generators – a
vital component of flying saucer propulsion systems.  

The big question is, did Professor Trump pass any of this amazing information to his nephew, Donald?

John Trump
died in 1985, at age 78, when Donald was 39, and at the time a
successful real estate magnate who was often giving interviews to major
media outlets.

Trump first mentioned his uncle in a 1984 New York Times profile
where he said that they first began to talk about physics and nuclear
disarmament 15 years earlier. Donald was around 23 at the time and had a
year earlier (May 1968) graduated from Wharton School of the University
of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Science in economics.

The New York Times explained the influence his uncle had on Trump about nuclear disarmament:

Trump] says that his concern for nuclear holocaust is not one that
popped into his mind during any recent made-of-television movie. He says
that it has been troubling him since his uncle, a nuclear physicist,
began talking to him about it 15 years ago.

At a June 12 2018 press conference, after his meeting with North Korean’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, President Trump spoke about his uncle and how he had helped shape his views on the importance of nuclear disarmament:

I used to discuss nuclear with him all the time … He was a great expert, he was a great brilliant genius.

references to his uncle John, shows how influential he had been in
shaping his views on nuclear disarmament and other advanced science
topics. Could some of these discussions have covered inventions
developed by Nikola Tesla and technologies retrieved from the Roswell
UFO crash?

There are two
actions taken by Trump during and after his Presidential inauguration
that suggest that Tesla’s inventions and the Roswell UFO crash were
among the subjects he and his uncle had privately discussed.

During his inauguration speech, Trump said:

stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries
of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness
the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.

Trump is here
clearly alluding to some revolutionary technologies that his
administration plans to release, which will transform the health,
transportation and space industries.

Trump issued a Top Secret Memorandum
a day or so after his inauguration speech dealing with such
revolutionary technologies, according to secret space program insider
Corey Goode whose testimony has featured in the best selling
documentary, Above Majestic.
Essentially, Trump demanded that the intelligence community revoke
their secrecy orders on a thousand of the then 5,680 patent applications
that were being held up. He allegedly told them to do so within a
two-year period.

It’s quite
possible that some of the confiscated Tesla’s papers included patent
applications that would be among those that had been held up by the
intelligence community, and perhaps even include his alleged flying
saucer device that would be remotely powered by a worldwide wireless
system. According to the Federation of American Scientists, the number
of patent applications held up by secrecy orders had increased to 5,784 by the end of 2017.

If Trump had
issued such a Memorandum, there is yet no sign it is being put into
practice by the intelligence community. This may be due to the intense
behind the scenes battle between the Trump administration and the Deep
State as I have covered in previous articles.

The second action suggesting his uncle had told him about Tesla’s inventions and the Roswell crash concerns President Trump’s proposal for a Space Force,
despite objections by Congress and even the US military. His proposal
may well be driven by his knowledge that flying saucer technologies
incorporating high voltage radiation and Van de Graaff machines found at
Roswell, which his Uncle John had confidentially told him about, had
been secretly developed and built decades ago for one or more secret
space programs.

The idea that
Trump knows of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life is
strengthened by recent posts by the military intelligence group working
with his administration, Q Anon, confirming their reality. Most importantly, QAnon was signaling that the Trump administration has a full disclosure agenda.

desire for a Space Force appears to be part of a plan to wrest control
of information concerning secret space programs and extraterrestrial
life, away from the Deep State and transnational corporations.
If Trump succeeds in his plan to empower the Office of the President of
United States to run such highly classified programs, then the
revolutionary changes promised in his inauguration speech, may not be
too far away at all.

If so, we may
ultimately have John Trump to thank for inspiring his nephew at an
early age about the existence of life changing health and transportation
technologies connected to classified research of flying saucers, some
of which originate dates back to the pioneering research of Nikola Tesla
conducted over a century ago.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice