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Wise as serpents – harmless as doves.

We uncovered an evil agenda to deceive millions of believers.

Thanks to the support of the people, Carl Teichrib and his team, along with my co host, Basil from Canary Cry Radio, were able to visit Burning Man 2018 in the spirit of Acts 17, and the Two Spies in the book of Numbers. What they discovered is a plan by a fairly popular entrepreneur to use their tech product to bring her ayahuasca enlightenment philosophy to millions of unsuspecting Christians through an extremely well known Christian ministry. While we won’t share the name of the ministry, it’s important to understand that this agenda is happening at various levels.

A chilling look at China’s new mark of the beast digital dictatorship is a glimpse of whats coming to America: undefined

Antichrist spirit – apocalypse – American Horror story 8 explained.

“Originally, I stopped at season 1 of American Horror Story, but the show took a decidedly Antichrist and occult bent more recently, illustrating the summation of all the seasons into a single hidden narrative about the birth and coming of the Antichrist. Since this relates to films and shows we’ve done before, as well as to chapters in my books, I have decided to cover the first episode of the new season.”

Fascism is not coming, it is here.

Smart cities of the future will be like Nazi Germany on steroids – no privacy, no freedom, no free enterprise and one step closer to completing the globalists ‘new world order’ agenda: undefined

Media silent as Federal Committee quietly passes act allowing warrantless searches: undefined

Why people will happily line up to be microchipped like dogs: undefined

Young mother in California threatened with arrest at a bus stop for not vaccinating her children

Possible Antifa Attack on November 4…??