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Illuminati Shows People How They Can Pull Other Life Forms Out of Their Head

“When Illuminati shape shifts part of their body, like the head, one will see how they can pull other life forms out of their nose or face, the same way a woman gives birth to a baby, but there is no blood,” says Anonymous Illuminati.

Cults and Ancient Aliens

The Fortean Slip Episode 151 This week Chris and the fellas talk about cults and ancient aliens. THIS WEBCAST IS UNCENSORED.


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Dred Funn

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Devil Symbol “Appears” on Child & “Grim Reaper” Sightings! (2014)

Weird signs all around lately concerning the times we are in, and the “lifting of the veil”.

Ancient Aliens : Declassified UFO Sightings Exploring Area 51 (Full Documentary)

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(2016 Documentary – Space Explorations) SETI discovered a strong radio signal, could it be from an Advanced Aliens civilization? The next documentary is .

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Time Entanglement and the Supernatural:

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Real Aliens Have Been Sighted in Arizona – Darkness Prevails

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There has been a real aliens sighting in Arizona! Do you believe? It’s like a real life x files…

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Illuminati Bloodlines & the Demonic Supernatural Reptilian Alien Beings

Please compare with “The Testament of Dr. Mabuse” – Fritz Lang (1933) Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse – Fritz Lang (1933) in my “Illuminati International Bankers and 666 Talents of Gold” playlist.

“Illuminati victims have no way to protect themselves against the intelligence that Illuminati members use on their bodies. They fact that Illuminati controls the central nervous system of the human body, they can make their targets experience pain at anytime. The fact that Illuminati can throw fire, water, and any type of metal from another dimension into the space of a victim or out of their bodies means that they are working with superior intelligence,” states Paranormal Expert, Juan Carlos. “When Illuminati shape shifts a roach into a rat and then transform the rat into an alligator with the mouth of a snake, that is serious business.  When Illuminati pulls creatures or other life forms out of the human body and victims are unable to protect themselves, it is a huge problem because very few people are aware that other dimensions exist and other life forms can be pulled out of the human body. It is one of the biggest secrets in life. This is what Illuminati members call the ‘Noah’s Ark Story.’” They are referencing the fact that they can pull any life form out of the human body.”

“IIluminati has the intelligence that the government wants. Citizens who know who Illuminati is and what they can do beg for the power,” continues Juan Carlos.