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Lying signs: a blind woman sees.

Woman becomes the first to have “restoration” of sight after bypassing the eye itself in favor of a brain implant.

Daniel 7 perfectly describes what’s coming.

We live in a time when the headlines coming out of the advancement of science and tech resembles nothing less than the crazy but colorful descriptions of end times events prophesied in the Bible. What many had dismissed as either gibberish, or at most, allegorical and metaphorical language, are now potential realities due to the unlocking of the human imagination with the computer and internet. These tools are pushing us ever so rapidly into creating, building, and what some tech leaders call “summoning,” a race of super-intelligent AI. The impact of these super-intelligent AI will be Biblical in proportion. So much so, that Jesus says unless He returns and intervenes, no flesh would be saved.

Why people will happily line up to be microchipped like dogs: undefined

Ready Player One: blueprint to replace real life with virtual reality.

Ready Player One: the blueprint to replace real life with virtual reality is an upcoming Steven Spielberg film a preview of how virtual reality may be used in the future to replace real life?

Today on TruNews, Zach Drew, Edward Szall, Erick Rodriguez, Paul Benson and Chase Anderson analyze Ready Player One, a novel turned movie, depicting a dystopian future where humans live in a fake digital universe.

In part 2, the team shares the insightful highlights from evangelist Billy Graham’s 1998 TED conference speech on how our technological advancements will never replace the need for God.