Category: the abrahamic religions

I truly believe as everyone across the world begins to uncover the horrifying satanic/luciferian practices of many of those in all cultures who consider themselves “elites” or inhabitants of a secret ruling caste – a caste above even those considered royalty. These hidden rulers…these Illuminati families (who in reality are merely just a criminal syndicate – a cabal of 13 families – who all carefully interbreed among each other (all some 8,000 or so of them) practically considering themselves an entirely different species. And so they are, we will begin to realize. For they are the children of Cain. These “elites” are, in fact, the subhuman devils, those who must unite (we Christians, Muslims, Jews) God’s children must unite to purge ourselves of these devils – who have been engineering wars between us, keeping us enslaved in debt, keeping us in a state of misery, war, sadness, prosecution, all the while they laugh at us as they take advantage and live off of us like a vampiric or parasitic race: the Rothchilds, The Soros, The Bundy’s, The Li’s, The Van Duyn’s, et cetera. The Abrahamic religions must come together, realize our love for each other, how much we have in common – and focus on purging ourselves of the children of Satan/Lucifer/Cain/whatever we can agree to call this plague. Let us stop fighting each other NOW and redirect our attention to our TRUE enemy. The only enemy there has ever been.