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The Death of Free Speech  

An important and powerful new video here from Johnny Gatt.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

Many clips in this video of famous people speaking out against ‘you know who’, and people just exposing certain lies about history and being censored for it… heavily fined and imprisoned for it. 

There’s a couple of clips of Michael Jackson trying to tell people about ((them)) – that often get censored on YouTube – where he spoke out against ((them)) and even put lyrics in one of his songs… repercussions followed.

Lots more examples of strong censorship in the video… such as very old frail ladies like Monica Schaefer (89 yrs old) being put in prison just for questioning an aspect of jewish history!

Why are people not outraged!

More people need to wake up… free speech is ever increasingly being taken away.

Another excellent video from Johnny Gatt – you might not be able to watch this on Tumblr (it may ask you if you wish to proceed) as YouTube has censored this, to some degree, on it’s site –  as their is too much truth in it.  It does work here in the UK though. It is a must watch video – you can definitely watch it on YouTube. 

Why Trump really Bombed Syria – The Video Content (lots of evidence provided in it):

Trump announces plans to leave Syria. Then Assad decides to gas his own people so the U.S can remain in Syria??? Why would he gas his own people?

Totally illogical… There is no reason to do this.

There is also no evidence that Assad gassed his own people, this time and last time. No investigation has been carried out. Another false flag.

Trump is a Zionist puppet – Israel controls him.

This staged gas attack is also acting as a distraction from the many unarmed Palestinians being murdered by Israelis – there is some shocking footage of this in the above video. Israelis saying how great it is to shoot Palestinians – this is captured on video as they kill them… again there is footage in the above video.

Putin is arming Syria and Iran ( he is profiteering) – Putin Truth ( an army of jewish billionaires at his side, evidence shown in video) – evidence in this video also suggests Russia and Israel are really allies. 

Watch and learn.  Lots more enlightening content in this video.

Answer: The Jewish State of Israel, Jewish Supremacists and Zionists control America:


Another red pill video about the Jew World Order, made by a girl / young woman – Evalion.

This video was very popular and went viral, and then was banned and censored by jewish owned YouTube… but people do re-upload it and I found a re-upload. You can watch it before it gets banned and censored. I would download it. It doesn’t go into subjects in depth but it covers many topics and agendas in a concise way. 

Who controls the ‘News’? Who controls America? Who controls Hollywood? Who controls the money and the banks? The education systems? etc

It’s a must watch if you are a seeker of Truth… and if you are already awake to all this then it can be a useful video to help wake others up. 

“And we in the real Truth movement are aware that we are not up against a NWO, or the Illuminati, but a Jew World Order. With International Jewry pulling all the strings.” –

This is a short red pill video about the Jew World Order, which is regularly banned and censored by YouTube (jewish owned and run YouTube) but I found a reupload. It’s an older video… this guy was very woke, way before most.

The guy expresses in a poem some information about historical events, and who was behind them… events that are covered up and lied about by those who control the media:

African Slave Trade
Christopher Columbus / the Americas 
The Slaughter of the Incas
The Armenian Genocide
The Bolshevik Revolution
Holodomor – Ukrainian Genocide
U.S.S Liberty attack
9 11 attack – the fictitious war on terror

The guy ends the video with this quote:

“Better to stand alone with Truth, than in the company of lies.”

I can imagine back then he did feel like he was standing alone – there are a great many more people who are awake to all this now though.

There are numerous videos out there exposing who really dominated the African slave trade… you may, or may not be, surprised as to who it was… a clue: it wasn’t the white race.

Johnny Gat has just re-uploaded this onto his Youtube channel, as Youtube took his original down… such a lot of censorship now… well there is if you expose you know who.

This video features Professor Griff (Public Enemy), Louis Farrakhan, Dr Tony Martin (professor of African History) and Malcolm X.

This is a must watch video.

And click on this website link below and read through Dontell Jackson’s website / blog, if you want even more proof as to who was really behind the African slave trade:

(for some reason, you have to click on the link and open the blog, and then after that you click on the avatar to get the website to come up. It’s worth it – lots of excellent info on it)