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Alien Found In Debris After Fireball Lit Up The Night Sky Over The Yucatan?

Alien Found In Debris After Fireball Lit Up The Night Sky Over The Yucatan?


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MASSIVE UFO EVENT!!! Several Unidentified Objects Seen Over Rosita, Mexico. 2 Videos.

Massive Alien…

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McKinnon was accused of hacking into 97 United States military and NASA computers over a 13-month period between February 2001 and March 2002. See the interview.


Secret Space Programs: Elena Kapulnik, Lindsey Hooper, Penny Bradley, James Rink – MK Ultra, Milabs, Mars Bases, Advanced Technology, Age Regression, The Moon, Super Soldiers, Metaphysics, Conspiracy, Illuminati, Mind Control, Extraterrestrials, Dimensions, Full Disclosure

Secret Space Program – Moon and Mars Bases

The real secret space program started in the early 1960s, when the Chimera group has given permission to the negative militaries of the USA, NATO European countries, USSR and China to build joint secret Moon and Mars bases in certain restricted areas. Also, a secret treaty was signed between the Cabal and the Draco/Reptilian/Zeta complex which gave the Cabal technical support in construction of Lunar and Mars bases whereas those negative alien races were given permission to build underground bases on Earth together with the Negative Military.

Joint USA/USSR Mars base was thus built in 1964 and then expanded over the next few decades, when more Moon and Mars bases were added to the program. The main lunar base was built on the far side of the Moon and was codenamed LOC (Lunar Operations Command).

The whole secret space program was named Solar Warden and top supersoldiers were accepted into the program and brainwashed with the idea that they are defending Earth from the negative aliens. Some UN diplomats knew about the existence of the Solar Warden and they naively believed it to be a global program for Earth defense against an alien threat. In reality, the purpose of the secret space program was to build joint human/Draco infrastructure throughout the Solar System for the Archon invasion which happened in 1996:

From the human side, the program was directed by the unholy four (Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney). The unholy four are actually Draconians who took human incarnations 26,000 years ago and are the four most visible Draco/human hybrids.

Dick Cheney was the leader of the Mars Corporation and claimed to be the owner of the planetary debt that Earth owes to the Mars Corporation and to the breakaway civilization, which has milked the Earth workforce through the Rothschild central banking system.      (Pictures for illustrative purposes)

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