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ALIEN: COVENANT | Trailer 1 | German HD

ALIEN: COVENANT | Trailer 1 | German HD

ALIEN: COVENANT – Ab 18. Mai 2017 nur im Kino!
Trailer: FSK ab 12 Jahren freigegeben
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Mit ALIEN: COVENANT, einem neuen Kapitel seines bahnbrechenden Alien Franchises, kehrt Ridley Scott zurück in sein erschaffenes Alien-Universum. Die Crew des Kolonieschiffs „Covenant“ ist unterwegs zu einem abgelegenen Planeten am anderen Ende der Galaxie. Dort entdecken sie…

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Alien : Covenant | Prologue : La Traversée

Alien : Covenant | Prologue : La Traversée

ALIEN : COVENANT – le 10 mai au cinéma !

Les membres d’équipage du vaisseau Covenant, à destination d’une planète située au fin fond de notre galaxie, découvrent ce qu’ils pensent être un paradis encore intouché. Il s’agit en fait d’un monde sombre et dangereux, cachant une menace terrible. Ils vont tout tenter pour s’échapper.

Réalisation : Ridley Scott

Casting : Michael Fassbender, Katherine…

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Alien: Isolation – Launch Trailer

Alien: Isolation – Launch Trailer

Join Amanda Ripley as she searches for answers about her mother’s disappearance, and meets some friends along the way. Wait, not friends, terrifying aliens.

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ALIEN 3 Official Trailer (1992) Sigourney Weaver, David Fincher Movie HD

ALIEN 3 Official Trailer (1992) Sigourney Weaver, David Fincher Movie HD

ALIEN 3 Official Trailer (1992) Sigourney Weaver, David Fincher Movie HD

Ripley continues to be stalked by a savage alien, after her escape pod crashes on a prison planet.

Director: David Fincher

Writers: Dan O’Bannon (characters), Ronald Shusett (characters)

Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Charles S. Dutton, Charles Dance

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Alien (1979) Trailer Trailer for the 1979 movie Alien Youtube…

Alien (1979) Trailer

Trailer for the 1979 movie Alien Youtube Link

All the Devil’s Aliens What Stanton Pinborough knows could…

What Stanton Pinborough knows could change the world and topple governments overnight. He is sustained by a team of nurses around the clock, but no one has actually seen the eccentric and reclusive ex-government researcher for over 30 years.

Abducted by Aliens There are countless individuals with very…

There are countless individuals with very real memories of being taken secretly against their will by Alien entities. Go behind the scene with experts and real testimonials to decipher if this is all part of a secret government agenda. Youtube Link