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KingFace on the Trump effect in black communities.

Look out for techno populism – Trump signs AI EO.

As Trump signs the Executive Order for AI in America, it’s important to warn everyone about what is emerging here. The technopopulist movement is something we haven’t heard much about. But it’s clear that it is the direction this country, along with the entire world, is headed. Patrick Wood who is featured in AGE OF DECEIT 3, warns America to look out for technopopulism, despite his approval of the Trump presidency.

The settlement of the “UNITED STATES” from a spiritual point of view–>Google Translate:

“On 20 January 2017, the most controversial President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, was to be proclaimed. Many still remember how few people attended the ceremony, according to CNN reports, or have Hillary Clinton’s distressed, friendly expression in mind. One or the other may even remember Bush Junior and his melee fight with the rain cover – Meme-Gold, which amused millions of people on social networks. But very few still remember the fireworks after Trump’s speech – a fireworks display of the letters “USR” in the sky.While some observers assumed that the wind had blown away the original “A,” others saw it as an expression of the return of the “R” epublic to America with Trump’s inauguration. 

Coincidence or synchronicity?The stage is being rebuiltMuch has happened since that rainy day in Washington, DC. The 4,800 managing directors and general directors have resigned. More than 50 senators have resigned since Trump (in the last 50 years, just 31 Senators have resigned). Dozens of Democratic and Republican Democrats are no longer available for the November 6, 2018, interim election. In addition, layoffs to the highest ranks of the US Department of Justice, the Federal Police FBI and the foreign intelligence service CIA;not to mention the replacement of the Supreme Court of the United States. The perception of these events is guided in many ways. So the Mockingbirds present the unusually high number of resignations as protesting against Trump, the jerk who can not count to three. As for the changes in the judiciary and the letter agencies, they refer to the narrative, according to which Trump is a populist who pretends to be an anti-establishment and dissolve the old structures, only then to build a dictatorship in his spirit. In most cases, however, the Americans are simply taught the following: «Please continue! There is nothing to see! 

»There is so much to see as never before. The most obvious manifestation is the gradual conversion of the stage in the so-called sealed indictments. These are charges against individuals for which there is evidence of organized crime. These writings are filed with the American district courts sealed to prevent the escape or immersion of the defendant. Usually, 1,000 such indictments are filed per year. Since Trump’s in office, the number of sealed indictments is no less than 95,000 (in words: ninety-five thousand).Observers believe that the explosion of these indictments will lead to mass imprisonment. They suspect that with the breaking of the seal all players of the “Deep State” will be withdrawn from circulation. Former Congressman Mike Lofgren defines the Deep State as an “informal union of key elements of government with the top level of finance and industry.” The Deep State is therefore a kind of shadow government behind the formal political government – an alliance of military-industrial Complex, the intelligence services such as the Department of Justice and Foreign Affairs, the six major media companies, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Big Oil, Big Pharma and other ‘biggies’. It is these elements that Trump calls the swamp to be drained.”

Book author Corsi claims Donald Trump was asked by the military to become president three years ago: undefined


Remember, if you vote, you’re approving the misuse and exploit of power. Nothing will change.

Dont play their games

Dont give your power away

Dont approve to their rules

Real change comes from you, nobody else.

While media promotes “fake Trump supporter” as bomber – left-winger in Wisconsin attempts purchase of radioactive material with intent to kill: undefined



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