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The Black Knight – 13k Year Old Ancient Alien Satelite | Aliens and UFO #25

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The US Senator who set up the Pentagon’s secret UFO unit says ‘now we have evidence’: undefined

Pilots report UFO in southern Arizona: undefined

UFO researchers release video of strange craft hovering in night sky over NC town: undefined


Buzz Aldrin says he ‘never saw a UFO’ and disputes claims lie detector test ‘proved’ he saw alien: undefined

Canadian witness reports multiple hovering UFOs: undefined

It’s time to stop laughing at UFO research: undefined

Man claims he’s found missing flight MH370 on Google Earth:

“They have made sure that all information received has been hidden from the public, even our government – but why?”

Ancient Alien City Found In The Gulf Of California. (Ocean Mysteries)

Has an ancient city been discovered in the gulf of California by using Google Earth? More videos from Of Sound Mind And Body: