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So, I recently finished a new article for my website. It got quite long so I created a shorter version for here, and included some quotes:

John Lash is an expert on the ancient Gnostic, Nag Hammadi texts, he is fairly well known in the Ufology field. He is also very well read in other areas of the global conspiracy. These Nag Hammadi texts talk about the ‘Archons’.  John Lash has deciphered the texts and describes the ‘Archons’ as ‘inorganic beings’, ‘cyborgs’ and ‘psycho-spiritual parasites’.


I can only conclude that ‘inorganic’, ‘synthetic beings’, ‘cyborgs’ are some sort of sentient AI (Artificial intelligence’s). Which makes perfect sense when you look at where the world is heading and how much AI is being pushed down our throats.

Ufology / ETs / AI

The Gnostics could apparently do shamanic traveling and access other dimensions and subtler realms and it said that they came across these ‘inorganic’ beings and ETs. The ETs described that they are connected to, or work with these ‘Archons’, do sound very similar reptilians and grey aliens. It is important to note that the Gnostics would not have experienced robots, advanced technology and artificial intelligence’s before – they would not have the words we have for it. (There is a longer excerpt of text about this in my main article)

I have researched Ufology a tremendous amount, as I have had numerous otherworldly experiences, ET abductions / collections , astral or other dimensional ET contact, third-eye experiences, etc etc. And there are very few people I listen to in Ufology, as most are just controlled opposition shills / psyops – all the major Ufology personalities are shills and agents (Zionist shills and agents). I am certainly not trying to get people interested in Ufology, it is pretty much one huge tightly controlled limited hangout.

But John Lash does not seem to be controlled, firstly he’s an independent researcher not connected to any of these controlled networks or movements within ufology, and his information is deciphered from ancient texts that were discovered. As well as this, this group of Gnostic mystics were actually killed off, very likely because they knew too much. John Lash exposes that the New World Order is a jewish agenda, which controlled agents will not expose. And as well as this he exposes the holohoax and the myth that Hitler and the National Socialists were evil and were the bad guys. These are good signs he is not controlled.

(We cannot take everything in the Nag Hammadi, and its interpretations to be absolutely ‘spot on’, these were people trying to work out what was happening on the planet, certain phrases they use and certain spiritual philosophies the Gnostics adhered to do not resonate with me. But they certainly seemed to have certain experiences on their shamanic journeys. These people were attempting to share information, to try and help, and they certainly seemed to be onto something.)

John Lash explicitly talks of how the jewish race is being used by the ‘Archons’, and the extraterrestrial races connected to these ‘Archons’… or powerful sentient artificial intelligence’s – as I think of them. He says that these ancient texts say this. It is no coincidence that it is the elite jewish supremacists and Zionists who are strongly pushing artificial intelligence and trans-humanism through all the global corporations and media outlets that they own. 

International Jewry – NWO – Zionism

Here is some commentary from a different article about two of John Lash’s interviews – (the videos of these interviews that are being referred to are embedded in the article on my website – link at end):

“Lash observes that the taboos about pointing out Jewish power and vast Jewish over-representation in media, Hollywood, government, banking, etc, is finally breaking down, and that the reason this has happened is obviously not because the Jews are “smarter” than everyone else, like they like to think, but rather “because they represent the split in the human species where it turns against itself”.

“Lash thinks of the Jews (i.e. the Jewish mindset) as embodying the archontic parasite/virus, which targets primarily the White race because it has the highest degree of “excellence” (philosophy, organization, technological innovation, etc). Lash recognizes the Human race as the only one race, with the White race being really a sub-race or ethnic group, which is undergoing genocide.”

“The ancient Jews, a cohesive ethnocentric group of people with similar mindsets of superiority — specifically the Zadokite cult of the Jews — Lash proposes, made a pact with the “Archons”. Thus there is a “supernatural factor” behind the Jewish agenda. Simplifying, he puts it this way:

“According to the Gnostic warning, the Jews, who follow the agenda of racial supremacy, and domination of the goyim (non-jews), are proxies of the Archons.” – John Lash

“Lash says the reason the Gnostics were unable to defend their lineage is because they lacked hatred. Hate plays a role in the human experiment, and it can be a positive one, Lash says. “And if human beings cannot find in themselves the hatred for those who destroy freedom and who lie and deceive and corrupt this experiment, then we shall not be able to save this experiment.” Lash thus sees hate as not being necessarily negative in all senses, so long as one does not become consumed by hatred. “You have to hate what harms life in order to protect life.” Lash says that if he can do it, others can do it.”  (This planet may have been a human experiment, once upon a time, but it certainly seems to have been, to some degree, hijacked by malevolent forces now.)

“According to Lash, one of the reasons the Gnostics were attacked and eliminated is because they came out 2,000 years ago “claiming that the god of the Jews — Jehova, or Jahweh — is actually a demented alien, and a very dangerous character.”  – (I do not recommend the ‘’, at all – but it had some good commentary on some of John Lash’s videos)

“The “Jewish revolutionary spirit”, as it has been called, operates on an insidious agenda of social overthrow under the false pretences of making a better world. The Jewish ideal of tikkam olam, “fixing the world,” is not the benevolent program it pretends to be. Its actual aim is to enable total Jewish dominance of the Goyim, the non-Jewish nations, and centralization of all wealth and power in the Jewish elite, such as the Rothschild crime mafia. The trajectory of history over three millennia shows that Jews have been centrally involved in the corruption and destruction of many civilizations. Those particular Jews who foment revolution and agitate for social upheaval are pursuing their program to steer history toward their objectives, claiming to represent the aims of God Almighty. For the Zaddikim as well as Talmudic Jews, history is a process in which divine intervention is continally underway in the social order, with the Chosen Ones acting as ‘God’s’ agents.” – John Lash

John Lash says, like I have said before, that an extraterrestrial race, being or intelligence has helped created this notion of ‘god’s chosen people’ and ‘jewish superiority’ and are using this ideology to help bring forth their agendas. Most Real Truthers are fully aware that it is influential jewish people (rabbis and Zionists etc), that are behind this New World Order agenda and the oppression of humanity. This supremacist attitude and New World Order / Global Domination Agenda is clearly spoken about throughout their books – the Talmud, the Zohar, the Torah and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The ‘powers that be’, the most influential people on our planet are mainly jewish – the heads of the secret societies are jewish, the bankers that enslave us with Usury and Debt Slavery…. they are jewish. If you do your research, if you are knowledgeable what John Lash says makes perfect sense. Communism stems from Judaism, as does Zionism.

Again, It is no coincidence that the jewish state of the Israel is one of the front-runners in artificial intelligence and high technology. It is important to recognise that Israel are very much looking to dominate the high technology sector. A link to information on this:

And it is important to recognise that jews own and control Hollywood and they have a very hard push for artificial intelligence occuring there, and just look at how jewish owned Google push hard for A.I. As previously mentioned, by myself and John Lash, The New World Order is the agenda of ‘International Jewry’. Using artificial intelligence to control the goyim (non-jews) is very important to them. It will be used to control and enslave non-jews.

John Lash also shares Truth on WW2, Hitler and National Socialism:

John Lash talks of how Hitler and National Socialism has been incessantly lied about, and that there is a big agenda, stemming from International Jewry, to eliminate the white race… white genocide.

John Lash’s also talks about the false idea that white people are the race that has done the most harm… he points out put that Jewish people were the slavers and ran the Transatlantic Slave Trade – and that the amount of white people who had slaves was actually minute. The jewish owned media has been behind the demonization of white people.

“Lash points out the lies about the Germans and ‘Nazi’ ideologues having had a “master race” ideology and plan, and how that idea originates in the Talmud and further back in early Judaism and Abrahamic monotheism, in the form of the idea of “God’s chosen people”. The German language doesn’t even have a term for the idea of a “master race”, Lash says.”

“Lash points out the Jewish nature of communism, and how Hitler was one of the few national leaders who stood up to the advance of the Judeo-Bolsheviks that took over Russia….”  –

John Lash talks of the absurdity of the Holohoax tale:

“Everything I thought about the Holocaust came from Hollywood movies. And so the mind-programming potential of this simulation technology, of photography and films, was a tremendous breakthrough of the “Archons” into the Human mind. And, it is that that has wiped out our continuity, and it’s even wiped out people’s interest [in the foundational myths of the European nations] — John Lash

My longer article, linked below, talks a lot more about artificial intelligence in novels, movies and TV series and about predictive programing. How all these things are being used to make us amenable to artificial intelligence having a huge influence on our lives. Artificial Intelligence is incredibly dangerous. It also contains videos of John Lash sharing this information.

Link: (This is a link to the full article, but my website is not very mobile friendly, as of yet, I am going to change the theme soon, so it is best to view it on a laptop, PC or tablet at the moment):

Truth About The Anunnaki And Ancient Aliens – …

Truth About The Anunnaki And Ancient Aliens – (Documentary)

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Man claims he’s found missing flight MH370 on …

Man claims he’s found missing flight MH370 on Google Earth:

“They have made sure that all information received has been hidden from the public, even our government – but why?”

Censorship – Sayanim – Hasbara Trolls – Israel…

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

When you become very awake, when you’re getting to the bottom of the rabbit hole…  you will know it – as if you are actively sharing Truths online you will nearly always come across some censorship – and you will come across Hasbara Trolls on the internet and you will see through the Sayanim Agents… all are working for Israel.


Some people will not know the depths of the global Jewish Zionist conspiracy – how hard they work at attempting to bring about their New World Order / One World (jewish) Government – their global domination over all non-jews. But I have first hand experience of how far they are going – how organised they are.

It is often said that the Jewish Agenda for World Domination is the only real problem facing the world, all other problems are symptoms of this…

“And we in the real Truth movement are aware that we are not up against a NWO, or the Illuminati, but a Jew World Order. With International Jewry pulling all the strings.” –

I have been posting on the internet for a long time, on various platforms and websites, about many different controversial and fringe subjects, and I will tell you the subjects I have got censored for:

– Exposing the nefarious Jewish Supremacist and Zionist activities and agendas.
– Exposing what really terrible things Judaism’s ‘religious’ books say about Non-Jews (Goyim).
– Exposing all the Phony Fake Hoax Terrorism set up by the Jewish Zionists and Jewish ran Freemasonry.
– Telling the real Truth about WW2, exposing the Holohoax, and how Hitler was right, and how the Jewish Zionist controlled Allied Forces were the instigators and aggressors.
– Exposing the Jewish Zionist controlled Allied Forces war crimes against the German people (e.g the Rhine Meadows Death Camps and the Dresden Firebombings)
– Exposing Israel’s numerous crimes and agendas.

(I have not been censored for anything else – only these things)

I actually had both my pinterest accounts deleted by ‘them’ about six months ago. Tonnes of information on them, plenty of followers and they deleted them. First they deleted my board on Zionism – then my board on Hitler WW2 and holocaust Truth… then it was boards on The Karlergi Plan, and jewish run Freemasonry… and then they just deleted both my accounts. The boards and pages just had too much truth on them – I had collected such a lot of information – it was too good, exposed them too much – so they shut it down. Just like that… gone. They also blocked my website from interacting with pinterest – they made it impossible for anyone to pin anything from my website. Jews own all these major social media platforms.

I also had this jewish guy start writing all these obscene and very aggressive messages under my pins… incessantly – I just deleted his comments and then blocked him. But it was an eye opener for me at the time – as this guy was nuts… so aggressive, threatening and puerile… and another Zionist started writing lots of comments as well, a few weeks after this one… And as I said in the end ‘they’ just shut my accounts down.

Different social media platforms do seem to have different levels of censorship… and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are some of the worst for censorship – all jewish owned.

You will face Hasbara Trolls or Sayanim Agents when you get far down the rabbit hole – when you really become woke.

Hasbara Trolls are all over social media and are using a variety of tactics on them, sowing seeds of doubt, putting out disinfo, personal attacks, causing arguments on purpose etc…

When I started exposing Zionism / Jewish Supremacy/ Jew World Order, and sharing Hitler and WW2 Truth on my own website, I started getting contacted by a lot more people, just random people would email me, when this first started I didn’t realize what was happening… I had had people contact me occasionally before – but it was sporadic and mainly related to the artwork I have displayed on my website. But when I started posting articles about Zionism / Jew World Order and Hitler Truth…. that’s when lots of internet Hasbara Trolls working for Israel contacted me.

How these Hasbara Trolls / Agents work when they contact you via your website:

First they give you a compliment about your website, then they agree with something on your website… then they try to put doubt in your mind about some key points you have made in some of your articles. It is like these agents and trolls have a formula they are supposed to use: general praise, then specific agreement on something – then trying to sow some seeds of doubt in your mind. Some try different tactics… some try to befriend you, in the hope that they can then eventually sow some seeds of doubt. Some just try to distract you and get you interested in some other areas… with me they tried to show me articles on some New Age rubbish (as I also have some information about meditation, ET abductions and metaphysics on my website). I see right through these Hasbara Trolls. I have had quite a lot of them – it shows you they are monitoring websites and how many of them are out there.

I also exposed a Sayanim agent who traced back to Israel – she was pretending to have ET experiences and pretending she was doing ‘Channeling’ – saying some ridiculous things. She was very aggressive and threatening when she found out I knew she was an agent – her name is very rare so I easily found out that all her family came from Israel – she pretends to be all lovely on her YouTube channel… but expose them and you will see their true colours.

Ufology – A Controlled Opposition Limited Hangout

I will tell that almost the whole of Ufology is controlled by Jewish or Zionist Sayanim Agents – and they have Hasbara Trolls backing them up with comments on their YouTube channels, the Hasbara Trolls have multiple accounts. Because of my ET abduction experiences I researched this area heavily for quite some time – and it is totally controlled. The ‘Secret Space Program’ narrative, Milabs, all the recent ET testimonies – pretty much all of them are disinfo agents (there are some old ET abduction testimonies that I feel are genuine, there are going to be some genuine ones, but they are lost in a sea of disinfo). And all the major ufology personalities are totally controlled and just full of disinfo – and you wouldn’t believe the amount of political, geopolitical and historical disinfo they spout in the ufology ‘community’… and sometimes the lies they make up are just plain ridiculous and embarrassing…

I have a high I.Q – and I am very conscious… I see patterns and correlations and my memory is excellent – I see all the anomalies and inconsistencies in their testimonies. There are groups of them all backing each other up, promoting each other on their channels and blogs. I don’t even listen to them anymore – it’s networks of agents – it seems to be pretty much all agents. Sayanim / Agents with Hasbara Trolls backing them.

Ufology is being used as huge distraction and a huge limited hangout – catching people like a net and distracting them so that they don’t go to the bottom of the rabbit hole and become a Real Truther.

Regardless of this, you are not going to transform this planet by sharing ET stories! The only way to get any disclosure about what is really happening in our solar system and our galaxy, and answers as to why the general population is cut off from it all – is to take the power away from these Jewish Supremacists and Zionist Bankers. And it seems the key to all this is getting rid of their power base – their insane and immoral debt slavery powerbase. And as well as this, to stop our countries being dictated to by Israel and carrying out their agendas for them.

ZOGs: A ‘ZOG’ is a Zionist Occupied Government… there are a great many of them. We must come up with alternative systems and implement it in our countries and take their power away.

YouTube Censorship / Fake Terrorism

So many people I followed on YouTube are being censored: Hitler Truth videos, Holocaust Truth videos… you can only watch many of these videos in certain countries – it’s the same with videos exposing Zionism and Jewish Supremacy – censored in certain countries — or sometimes completely taken down. Hasbara Trolls will often repeatedly report and flag these videos, bringing them to the attention of the YouTube censorship team and therefore helping to get them censored. Some people are getting strikes left right and centre – some have to create backup channels or start new channels.

The greatest level of censorship I have seen occur – and still occurs – is when people expose the Fake Hoax Terrorism Events, all the crisis actors, CGI, illogical logistics… etc – If you prove it was a hoax, then nine times out of ten they are going to take that video down and give you a strike. These events are of course set up by the Jewish supremacists / Zionists / Freemasons – their gematria is coded into it. And many of the crisis actors will be Sayanim.

There was a community of people on YouTube brilliantly exposing all the fake terror events – suddenly Jewish owned and controlled YouTube seemed to decide that too many people were working out that these terror events were fake – so within the space of about a month about 15 people who I was following had their channels terminated. One person I still follow is on his 15th YouTube channel, as they keep giving him strikes and terminating his channel – why? Because he is excellent at highlighting how these terror events are fake – he simply questions them and shows the anomalies and fakery in the footage. He is a calm mild mannered guy – but he is good at exposing these ‘events’. It shows you clearly, and confirms, that myself and this community of people are correct – they are faking these terror events, otherwise they wouldn’t take them down.

Maybe what we need is tech and internet savvy non-jews to create some good quality video sharing platforms like YouTube and other social media platforms that allow free speech – I know there are alternative video sharing sites out there – but they use some censorship as well and will be mostly Jewish owned.

153 was set up recently, started by people who were fed up at being shut down by youtube for exposing the fake terrorism – some good fake hoax terrorism videos on there… have posted some on there myself… but who knows how that site will evolve?

Illegal to question the Holocaust

Who rules over us is very clearly demonstrated by the fact that it is illegal to question the jewish holocaust in many countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland – and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed for a law making Holocaust denial illegal in Russia as well.

This is outrageous when you think about it — why is it illegal to question a so called historical event?!

‘The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation!’

The only reason it would be illegal question the validity, or the official story, of something is if the official story doesn’t hold up to investigation. You would only have these laws if you were hiding something.

Can you think of any other historical event where it’s illegal to question it, and where many people have been put in jail for it? Just for questioning the official story of a historical event! It is clear the huge influence the Jews have on our planet if they can make it illegal in so many countries.

This subject further highlights jewish control, as we hardly ever hear about the genuine genocides / holocausts that took place: e.g The Armenian Genocide, ‘Russian Revolution’ Bolshevik Genocidal acts, Ukrainian Genocide (Holodomor), Dresden Firebombings, Rhine Meadows Death Camps etc etc (and jews were behind these genocides) … But we hear about the Jewish holocaust all the time, and it didn’t even happen… we all know that jews control Hollywood, the news networks, TV networks, education systems, most publishers etc… so you don’t hear about these other genocides and holocausts.

Concluding Thoughts

So this quote is brilliant:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Who are you not allowed to criticise? Who rules over us?

Jews / Israel / Zionists. It is the only conclusion that you can come to.

Sometimes when you expose them too much you may well get contacted or trolled by a manipulative Hasbara Troll – we must be wise to their ways… and we most certainly can’t let that stop us from spreading Truth… never stop… people need to get as organised and motivated as they are.










To be ‘Spiritual’ – what does that mean? – Evo…



You hear people say – “I am a very ‘spiritual’ person”. 

Maybe what they mean is that they think they are an ‘Evolved Soul’.

But in my experience most people who say ‘I am a spiritual person’ are not Evolved Souls.

Does it mean you are ‘spiritual’ or an ‘evolved soul’ if have an interest in the meaning of life?
Does it mean you are ‘spiritual’ or an ‘evolved soul’ if you are interested in what happens after the body dies?
Does it mean your are a ‘spiritual’ person or an ‘evolved soul’ if you share quotes on ‘spirituality’?
Does it mean you are a ‘spiritual’ person or an ‘evolved soul’ if you have read some spiritual books?
Does it mean your are ‘spiritual’ person or an ‘evolved soul’ just because you meditate?

No. it doesn’t.

As being an Evolved Soul is demonstrated in your actions in everyday life – your interactions with others and your responses to challenges… your courage, integrity, honesty, determination, wisdom, knowledge, intentions to uplift and empower people… your intentions to work for the greater good, sacrifice for others when needed, assisting others when possible… and to respect the laws of nature and to live in harmony and balance with it… and to protect life, protect innocence and goodness… to seek truth and justice… etc

Being an Evolved Soul also means having the courage to look at all the darkness, all the dark acts occurring this planet, and the crimes against humanity – to assimilate this knowledge and being able to handle it… Having the strength and resilience to carry this information and seek solutions, change and justice.

Mind Controlled ‘Spiritual’ People

Some of the most mind controlled and brainwashed people I have come across are people who call themselves ‘spiritual’.

Often, what has happened is that they have bought into the Jewish Zionist controlled ‘New Age Movement’ or the Jewish Zionist controlled ‘Non-Duality Movement’. I had to move through and and beyond both of these deceptive movements when I first woke up – these movements wish to catch people who are waking up and pacify them – to create a controlled limited hangout – so that they don’t work out what is happening conspiratorially on this planet – e.g – how humanity is being oppressed, poisoned, deceived, enslaved, lied to… and who exactly is doing this…

And love is very important, but spirituality is not about just trying to love everybody – as this free will universe doesn’t work like that. Love is very inspiring and a powerful motivating force, but you aren’t going to love everybody – does everybody deserve your love? You can have an understanding of why they commit evil acts, and have some compassion for the confusion and darkness within their soul, if you want… but you certainly don’t have to love them. 

There are souls who will manipulate you through your love and compassion – who will harm you and your family by walking all over you… you can’t afford to be naive in a free will universe.

There are some extremely dark souls in powerful positions on this planet that just need to be gone, or removed from society… if you have a parasite in your body depleting your energy and resources do you let it live there? Do you have love and compassion for it and let in live in your body slowly weakening you? No – you get rid of it.

I am not saying these souls/people should be killed… I am saying that they need to neutralized and perhaps removed from this planet – or at least put somewhere where they have absolutely no influence on the rest of the population who want to live in peace… we don’t have the ability and know-how to transform and rehabilitate some of the extremely dark damaged souls on this planet. And sometimes you have to make difficult decisions for the greater good…

And sometimes the right course of action is unfortunately going to be violence… sometimes you have to meet an attacking violent soul with violence to protect life, to protect innocence, to protect goodness and truth and to protect yourself. Each situation is unique, we can’t always use Gandhi type tactics, not all situations call for that. Warriors who protect their families and communities, with their lives, from immoral invaders… all throughout ancient times up to the modern day… these are evolved honorable souls, sacrificing themselves to protect innocence and goodness… and of course, martial arts are steeped in spiritual traditions. 

Where peaceful resolutions can be made, then that is great – but sometimes souls are too dark, and other means are needed for the protection and benefit of the greater good.

Evolving as a Soul

Being an ‘Evolved Soul’ is also about being wise, knowledgeable, courageous and very conscious. ‘Spirituality’ is a very psychological based phenomena… it is about becoming aware of your emotions in each moment and being in control of yourself – understanding your reactions and emotions and staying centred and balanced. Using your knowledge and wisdom in combination with your feelings and emotions, and then taking the right course of action. We must understand the risks we face on this planet and respond to them in a wise, integrous and courageous way.

To some, being ‘spiritual’ means trying to get rid of the ‘ego’, this is heavily promoted by the Jewish Zionist controlled Non-Duality Movement – this is a psyop and a manipulation – you are not here to try and get rid of any sense of self… just contemplate how ridiculous that actually is… It’s like trying to kill yourself. This ‘spiritual’ promotion that your purpose is getting rid of the ‘ego’ is Jewish Freemasonic manipulation, promoted by their controlled agents. It is a manipulation from the ‘Dark Forces’ on this planet to stop you breaking free from your chains… it even stops some people even realizing they are are a slave and prisoner on this planet – it is promoted to stop people from rising up and changing this satanic system that is becoming more and more prevalent all the time. 

Wisdom… you need wisdom, knowledge and critical thinking skills – as well as raised levels of consciousness.

You are a soul – a unique consciousness – you have a unique soul energy – be unique. Do what you can do for the greater good in the best way you can… and I am telling you that one of the things that that involves is taking on board knowledge about what is really occurring on this planet – such as becoming wise politically, geopolitically and conspiratorially, as well as understanding who your oppressors are… the depths of the lies and manipulations.

If there is a ‘prime creator’ or a ‘godhead’ out there – do you think that this being would want all of the souls that it set in motion to become a non-entity? Of course not.

Again, trying to get rid of your ‘ego’ or ‘sense of self’ is more mind-control. Can you imagine this ‘supreme being’ saying “I send forth all these souls, but what I want you to do is to have a few lifetimes and then totally get rid of your sense of self and become a totally passive non-entity” – Give me a break… can you see how ridiculous this is?

It is extremely unlikely that you will escape from this soul prison planets reincarnation cycle just by sitting in meditation all day or getting yourself into some transcendent state of being. I do not think any souls are escaping the


cycle… the system must be taken down, as a collective we must defeat the satanic system that is being pushed upon us. 

You won’t defeat this oppressive, corrupting, satanic, debt slave system we find ourselves in just with meditation! Meditation is very beneficial and will most certainly help you to become balanced, and more conscious – but meditation is not to be used for escapism — it is to be used to engage with your emotional issues, to become clear in your mind, to let go of any self defeating thoughts or self hatred you have been programmed with, to gain self discipline… and to see the connections between the dangers we face on the planet, and to see the correct course of action. And to do this you must also have knowledge – you must combine meditation with wisdom, knowledge, critical thinking and then action… but you must have knowledge about this planet and what is really occurring here, otherwise your actions can be misguided. 

Expansive Thinking

We are in a vast universe teeming with a wide variety of life – you have just been cut off from it all. As I have mentioned, we appear to be on a soul prison planet, trapped in its reincarnation cycle, our past life memories wiped before each new incarnation here… so that it is very difficult to correct past errors – repeating the same mistakes… and so that we can’t work out what is happening. 

I know there is so much life out there, civilizations, huge advanced craft , etc… as I have had extraterrestrial abductions and been taken onto ships – I have been taken off planet in the night – I get flashbacks in middle of the night of missions on other planets – I see other beings – I become lucid in the night and see screens and I am shown otherworldly images – I have had brief physical contact with ETs in the middle of the night… I can’t tell you what all these memory fragments and brief experiences mean – but just to tell you that we have been cut off from it… from the rest of the galaxy and universe. 

(But don’t get caught up in Jewish Zionist controlled Ufology – it is one huge, controlled opposition limited hangout – with so many controlled agents and so much dis-info… Ufology is being used as a massive distraction)

And human souls on this planet have been cut off for such a long time – from the rest of the galaxies, planets, civilizations and dimensions – and they have lost the ability to think expansively. This universe is a free will universe with a certain type of physics – but there must also be other universes – perhaps with different sets of physics – with different parameters and ways of existing. Galaxy after galaxy, universe after universe, immeasurable amounts of civilizations… as well as other dimensional experiences – the exploration of it all must be endless… think more expansively… why would there ever be an end to it all?… soul evolution and exploration just goes on and on… that is, if you aren’t trapped in a prison planet’s reincarnation cycle…

But we most certainly can’t afford to get lost in expansive thought, we must stay very grounded and take action. Again, ‘spirituality’ is not about being passive – here are some phrases that are promoted to pacify the people on this planet: ‘everything’s meant to be’ – ‘we are all one’ – ‘time doesn’t exist anyway’ – ‘it’s all an illusion anyway’ – ‘is just a cosmic game’ – ‘all you need is love’ – ‘only love is real’ – ‘life is meant to be a struggle’ – ‘the ascension solar flash event is coming’ (this last manipulation is one of their favorite pieces of disinformation – it’s a psyop). These phrases are thrown around and people use them as a justification for not taking any responsibility for transforming this planet – they are promoted by the Jewish Zionist controlled ‘New Age’ and ‘Non Duality’ Movements to stop people becoming truly knowledgeable and rising up against the oppressive tyranny we face on this planet.

Stand Up against Tyranny

Do not give your consent to the system.

To have integrity, to be very conscious and aware of your behaviour and how it affects others… to be knowledgeable… to live in harmony and balance with nature – to respect life…

But we can’t afford to be soft, we cannot afford to be naive, we cannot let others walk all over us, we cannot let ourselves be oppressed through fear. We must stand up for truth. We must stand up for what is right. We must stand up for, and protect, innocence and goodness. We must stand up against those who have intentions to harm us, our families and our communities.

But we must stand up against tyranny with wisdom, we must understand who our oppressors are, see their manipulations and the games they play / how they think – see the root of their power and focus our energy into eliminating the root causes of our problems. We must be wise and work against their agendas in shrewd, well thought out intelligent ways.  Aggressive unbalanced gung-ho tactics, that have not been thought through, can cause us setbacks. 

At the very least, when we become knowledgeable, we must try to wake up those that are asleep… we must share this knowledge with intelligence, and with consideration as to who they are, or who are audience is – (How much truth can they handle? How will I gain their attention, interest and trust?) – For some people, who are really asleep, it’s going to be just gently sowing a few seeds and then proceeding from there.  

(Who are our oppressors here on Earth? The Rabbit Hole leads to… The Jewish Supremacist Elites – Jewish Zionist Bankers – 33rd Degree Freemasons… and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.)

And sometimes you will get angry, when you are a Real Truther, when you see the truth depths of the crimes committed against humanity, and the agendas ‘they’ have for us… Then it is inevitable that you will get angry at times… You’ve got to recognise the anger and then let this anger out, it should be released in controlled ways, away from others. When you are angry you are not going to be seeing clearly and you can damage your relationships, and make mistakes. You can also use this anger and disenchantment… you can channel it into productive projects to help wake others up. But I would suggest that being motivated by love for your human brothers and sisters, and the wildlife on this planet, is a much more powerful motivating force.

And the root cause of your suffering and their powerbase is the immoral and insane Debt Slavery Banking System / Usury.

And remember this is a free will universe – if you don’t break free from any chains placed upon you, you can be enslaved for a great many lifetimes by other beings – which seems to be happening this planet. In this free will universe you have to stand up for yourself.

You can’t let them walk all over you and oppress you, and all those you care about – this passivity is essentially saying it’s OK… you are giving your consent to them to enslave and oppress you, and those you love.

You have to stand up against the chemtrails in the sky, the poisons in the water, the poisons in vaccines, the harmful Wifi, the GMO foods, the pedophilia networks, the corrupt governments, 5G towers, fake terrorism, poisonous pharmaceuticals, transhumanism, the unjust and contrived bankers wars, the forced mass immigration …etc etc… most importantly stand up against the Jewish Supremacist ‘Elites’ power base: the Debt Slavery / Usury… people need understand that there are alternative systems that do not result in humanity being oppressed and enslaved… there are solutions…

True Spirituality Involves Courage 

To me, the most spiritual people who have ever lived showed tremendous courage, altruism and determination in the face of adversity – these are truly ‘spiritual’ people… Evolved Souls. What’s easier? To fight against tyranny and overcome adversity or sit in a retreat in the mountains all day? Some of the most ‘spiritual’ people in the world don’t even know they are ‘spiritual’.

People have risked everything to expose government corruption, to expose humanity’s oppressors, to protect innocence and goodness… sticking their head up above the parapet… telling the real Truth about history – to go against the grain – exposing lies… seeking fairness and justice… sacrificing themselves for the greater good… these are extraordinarily ‘spiritual’ people – or as people should say: Evolved Souls.