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This is how the United States (Soros/CIA) trains protestors/internet trolls and foments revolutions to influence elections. This was done in Ukraine and is currently being used against Trump.

How Russian Disinformation Model Works In Europe

What You Need To Know:

✅  Fake news, or disinformation, is a form of propaganda which uses social media and other media channels to proliferate fabricated news stories.

✅  Ukraine is a prominent example of how fake news has been used in recent years. According to Yevhen Fedchenko, director of the Kyiv Mohyla School of Journalism: “Ukraine was one of the places where Russia was using information…

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Russia’s disinformation campaign in Europe

The Russian government has invested immense resources into media networks in Europe. The Russian state-media complex has established news and media outlets in the local languages of many European countries through which the Kremlin attempts to influence European discourse and public opinion on the Ukraine crisis. How does the Russian state-media complex use social media, political partnerships,…

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The House Intelligence Committee hearing failed to produce any evidence of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential elections, but there were other issues that were not raised at all. RT America’s Alexey Yarosevshky breaks them down.

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